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As a mortgage industry player, your business decisions depend on being well informed. In today’s constantly changing market, every decision is vital to maintaining a competitive edge. Mortgage players who rely on free trade publications for insight into the market are at a distinct disadvantage, as successful executives know you can’t base critical decisions on sales pitches and advertorials disguised as content.

Now is the time to join your colleagues who have made Inside Mortgage Finance Publications their primary news source for over 25 years. Mortgage Market Update is the perfect solution for executives with just enough time to read one all-inclusive publication per month as well as those who don’t want to miss anything. Mortgage Market Update draws on the journalism and market resources of seven respected sister publications including Inside Mortgage Finance—the industry leader since 1984.

Mortgage Market Update provides comprehensive coverage of every important development in the residential mortgage market, with clear insight and analysis into how these issues will affect your business. Every issue examines major trends and provides special coverage of seller/servicer news and mortgage broker news. In addition, it’s the only publication that tracks every mortgage selling and servicing change from Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and others.

In addition, every month you’ll receive the latest covering:

  • Strategies - what's working for the industry winners
  • Trends - where markets are headed, growth areas, new products
  • Competitors - who's making news with alliances, new business, lawsuits, marketing
  • Court cases and predatory lending issues - from all over the country
  • Technology - pitfalls and benefits, loan origination systems, automated underwriting and more
  • Regulators - RESPA, HMDA, privacy news, new standards, requirements, trends in enforcement
  • And More - what to expect from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, a monthly checklist of regulations, in-depth analysis

Let the most respected mortgage industry news source work for you. Subscribe & receive:

  • Accurate, timely reporting of every aspect of residential lending. The newsletter delivers news, analysis and projections on the pulse of the market, plus the latest about mortgage sales, production, servicing and regulation.
  • A monthly checklist of regulations. Every action of Washington agencies is covered on the front page so you always know where to look. It's easy for you to locate the information you need to get your job done.
  • In-depth, honest journalism, not trade magazine fluff and advertising. We've covered the industry since 1984.
  • Full coverage of mortgage market trends so that you'll understand where the market is headed to strategically position yourself for challenges ahead.

Mortgage Market Update, est. 1988, is published monthly 12 times a year. Click here to start your subscription.


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