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October 13, 2017

What We’re Hearing: FHFA Chief Has a ‘Number of Options’ on Zero Capital / Is That a ‘Hard’ Deadline? / Once Tax Reform is Done, Next Up: the GSEs / Can HUD Secretary Carson Get the IG to Back Off on the FCA? / Ocwen Kills Wholesale. Meaning?

By Paul Muolo

Meanwhile, one detail about the capital buffer falling to zero remains unclear: On Jan. 1 will every single penny of the $600 million (at each) be carted away?

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Who "owns" the mortgage customer that’s brought to a wholesale lender through a loan broker?

The broker. It’s his/her client.
The wholesale/table funder. They’re taking the financial risk.
The broker, but only for the first year. After that, the borrower is fair game.
Hard to answer. It’s a complicated issue.

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