IMF Mortgage Data Rankings and Research

Inside Mortgage Finance Publications produces a variety of Data & Research products that cover all segments of the mortgage market as well as timely issues and topics. We're proud to say our rankings and charts are the best. Because we have the deepest statistical and factual data storehouse in the industry, we're the most cited source for mortgage market statistics.

Inside Mortgage Finance Data Directory
The IMF Data Directory offers “Quick Links,” and lists all the mortgage data charts published in our publications for the past 365 days. The links take you to the issue that contains the data chart. You must be an active subscriber to the publication and logged in to access and download via these "quick” links.

Extensive data on mortgage origination activity including originations by product and production channel, as well as rankings of the top lenders in various sectors of the market such as retail, wholesale, FHA/VA, refinance, broker, correspondent and much more.

Servicing and Portfolios
Data in this section include top servicer rankings, mortgage servicing outstanding, servicer delinquency rates, home-equity loan holdings and more.

Mortgage Insurance
Data on primary mortgage insurance activity, including private mortgage insurance volume and market share.

Mortgage and Asset Securitization
This set includes data on issuance, top producers and securitization rates.

Agency MBS/Secondary Activity
Extensive data on trends, market activity and top producers for the GSEs and Ginnie Mae.

Non-Agency MBS Activity
Data on the secondary market outside of the agencies, including market activity, top producers, ratings and much more.

MBS and Mortgage Investor Activity
Data on securities holdings.

ABS Activity
Market and top producer data for non-mortgage asset-backed securities, including issuance, deal specifics, ratings, and top issuers and underwriters.

Commercial MBS Activity
Data on issuance and deals in commercial mortgage-backed securities.

Funding Activity
Data on funding sources, including top warehouse lenders and Federal Home Loan Bank Advance users.

Earnings and Financials
Data on profits, sales activity, repurchases and much more at mortgage companies as well as earnings at GSEs.

Regulatory Data
Data on regulatory activity, including complaints filed with regulators by consumers.

Mortgage Rates, Terms and Financing
Tracking of mortgage rate and financing metrics over time and other reference-type data.

Lender Profiles
In a single-page format, comprehensive data on individual lenders' mortgage business including originations, channels, servicing and more.

GSE Repurchase Activity
A lender-by-lender accounting of the repurchases made, demands withdrawn, and buyback requests pending or in dispute.

Mortgage Market Statistical Annual
Every year, Inside Mortgage Finance Publications assembles its hard-to-find statistics into the most comprehensive package of data on the mortgage and mortgage securities markets available anywhere.

Data Reports
A selection of targeted data reports on specific market segments and players, as well as broader statistical compilations.

Industry Studies
In-depth research and analysis of mortgage-industry issues and topics prepared by our staff of experts and journalists.

In-depth research and analysis of specific mortgage regulatory issues and topics prepared by our staff of experts and journalists.

Free Reports
A selection of industry reports, data and helpful guides available at no charge.


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