Guide to Mortgage Originations Channel Strategies

With mortgage originations relying less on refinances and regulatory upheaval settling down, lenders’ choice of which origination channels to use has become less of a reactive move and more of an individualized strategic plan. But as lenders map out their channel strategies, they must weigh priorities. What’s more important: underwriting quality, customer relationships, volume, earnings per loan? And what level of usage of the various channels will best match these priorities?

In the Guide to Mortgage Originations Channel Strategies, Inside Mortgage Finance looks at how lenders evaluate channel options to choose the mix that is right for their business. It also looks at additional decisions that must be made as one enters into new channels.

The report covers the strengths and weaknesses of each channel, including exclusive insight from officials at some of the biggest lenders in each channel. The report also includes data on each of the origination channels, tracking trends in production along with ranking the top retail originators, direct-funded originators, correspondent lenders, wholesale-broker originators and third-party originators.

Partial Table of Contents

Retail Channel

  • Focus on Efficiency
  • Pricing and Competition
  • Margins
  • Stability
  • Opportunities to Sell Other Banking Products
  • Natural Hedge for Servicing

Correspondent Channel

  • Controlling Risks
  • Direct Sales to the GSEs
  • Warehouse Funding

Wholesale-Broker Channel

  • More Options for Borrowers
  • Quality Control
  • Regulatory Issues
  • Helping Brokers

Mini-Correspondent Channel

  • Basics of Mini-Correspondent Lending
  • Regulatory Scrutiny

Mortgage Origination Channel Data

  • Originations By Production Channel
  • Top 40 Retail Originators: 6M2015
  • Top 25 Correspondent Lenders: 6M2015
  • Top 25 Broker Channels: 6M2015

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