Mortgage Profitability Report 4Q17

Learn more about the financial twists and turns at mortgage companies with Inside Mortgage Finance’s Mortgage Profitability Report. Issued quarterly, this report digs into the financial performance for hundreds of lenders, so you know what’s contributing—or detracting—from their bottom lines.

The report includes exhaustive lender-by-lender rankings of the latest mortgage-banking earnings and sales activity figures as well as orderings showing the current state of lenders’ repurchases and mortgage servicing rights assets. In addition to the micro detail by lender, the report provides marketwide analysis and additional profitability information on the industry’s biggest players.

Use the Mortgage Profitability Report to get a firm handle on how well your own efforts are faring compared to the competition and the industry as a whole. You’ll also have the information you need to see where the market is going so you can get there with, or before, it.

You’ll have in-depth numbers on

  • Bank Mortgage-Banking Earnings
    Net income results for all institutions with more than $1 billion in assets (615 institutions in 4Q17) and the market.
  • Mortgage Earnings Snapshot
    Quarterly earnings for a selection of institutions based on earnings reports.
  • Mortgage Profitability: Production vs. Servicing
    Comparison of production and servicing income for top firms.
  • Bank Mortgage Sales Activity
    Mortgage sales results for the banking operations of all lenders with more than $1 billion in assets (671 lenders) and the market.
  • Bank/Thrift Mortgage Repurchase/Indemnification Activity
    Ranking of institutions (146 institutions) by repurchase volume
  • Bank Mortgage Servicing Rights Assets
    Unpaid principal balance of servicing for others and fair market value of MSRs for all institutions with more than $1 billion in assets (765 institutions).

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