2011 Mortgage Market Statistical Annual: Volumes I & II

Data through December 31, 2010

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Inside Mortgage Finance is Revamping the Popular Statistical Annual.

The full story of the industry crisis is still being written. Itís time to reserve your copy of the 2011 Mortgage Market Statistical Annual ó the mortgage industryís indispensable forecasting tool.

This year marks the debut of 25 new data charts ó never before seen in the Annual.

Youíll find NEW DATA such as these:

  • A greatly enlarged MBS and Mortgage Investor section, which includes foreign, bank, thrift, GSE holdings and more.
  • Details on GSE mortgage pools: FICO, LTV, loan size and more.
  • Loss mitigation activity.
  • Bank, private mortgage insurers and GSE earnings.
  • A new Mortgage Profitability Data section, with production vs. servicing, banking activity, repurchases and more.

Use your two-volume set, with nearly 800 pages of vital numbers, to calculate market share, research new trends and capture new and repeat business.

Volume I features primary residential mortgage market data; Volume II contains a wealth of secondary market facts and figures. The statistics cover through year-end 2010 and include historical information going back 24 years, in some cases.

This year's edition also features a new layout and table of contents design so you can find the information you need faster and easier.

All data in the MMSA are for the U.S. mortgage market.

MMSA 2011 (with U.S. shipping) - $895.00
MMSA 2011 (with shipping to Canada) - $955.00
MMSA 2011 (with shipping elsewhere) - $1,005.00

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