Unlocking the Potential of Non-QM Lending

Recorded September 24, 2014

With mortgage originations this year down by more than 50 percent, lenders are scrambling to identify new opportunities and sources of business. And so-called non-QM lending is quickly shaping up to be one of the hottest new areas for mortgage lending growth.

But before venturing into non-QM lending, mortgage lenders need to weigh the risks—including litigation—against the potentials—veins of profitable new business that have few alternative lending sources. They must also evaluate and/or secure their funding and secondary market resources for non-QM products.

During “Unlocking the Potential of Non-QM Lending,” hear from lenders that are already part of the non-QM market. Learn the calculations they used to determine the market’s viability and how they’re meeting the challenges presented with non-QM lending.

You’ll hear from:

  • Allen Beydoun, Executive Vice President, Sales, United Wholesale Mortgage

  • Tyler Gilday, Vice President and Director of Retail Lending, Lake Sunapee Bank

  • Brian Simon, Chief Operating Officer, New Penn Financial

What they’ll share:

  • Why lending outside the QM confines makes business sense;

  • What non-QM products lenders are currently offering;

  • What non-QM lenders are doing to manage their underwriting and compliance;

  • How lenders are managing the litigation risk of non-QM lending;

  • How they are addressing the funding and potential securitization of non-QM loans;

  • How lenders expect their non-QM offerings will evolve over the next year;

  • And more.

Learn how to evaluate if—and how—you can make non-QM lending work for you.

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