Tapping Into Non-QM Originations

Recorded Sept. 14, 2016

The nonprime mortgage business, largely dormant since the financial crisis, is showing signs that its fallow period is over. More and more lenders are starting to originate loans that don’t meet the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s qualified-mortgage standards. Several nonbanks, including Citadel Servicing and Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions, are generating hundreds of millions of dollars each per year in non-QM loans. And even securities backed by nonprime loans are starting to appear, rated and well received by investors.

The return of nonprime lending comes as the mortgage industry looks to build profitable new product lines that can attract mortgage borrowers in a market still dominated by low-margin government-related mortgages.

In “Tapping Into Non-QM Originations,” you'll hear from lenders that are already part of the non-QM market. Learn the calculations they use to determine the market’s viability and how they’re meeting the challenges presented by non-prime lending. You'll also hear from a regulatory expert who served as lead attorney for the CFPB's implementation of the QM and other rules.

You’ll hear from:

  • Dan Perl, CEO, Citadel Servicing Corp.
  • Matt Nichols, CEO, Deephaven Mortgage
  • Tom Hutchens, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions
  • R. Andrew Arculin, Counsel, Venable

Among the topics discussed during the 90-minute roundtable event:

  • What is the potential for the nonprime market in the near term,
  • What are the legal and regulatory risks associated with nonprime/non-QM lending,
  • What funding sources are available and how to determine which is the best fit,
  • What channels are best suited to feed a nonprime pipeline,
  • What measures are lenders taking to mitigate risk of ability-to-repay litigation,
  • How are lenders addressing servicing, and
  • How do lenders expect their non-QM offerings to evolve over the next year.

Learn how to evaluate if—and how—you can make non-QM lending work for you.

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