Planning for New Disclosures: The Time Is Now

Recorded September 11, 2014

Mortgage compliance experts warn that lenders need many months, if not a full year, to prepare for major changes in the whole mortgage origination process that must be made to accommodate the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s integrated mortgage disclosure final rule that takes effect August 1, 2015.

Specifically, lenders must have loan origination systems that can communicate seamlessly with loan document generation systems as well as compliance management systems. And the testing of all those systems needs to take place well before the August 2015 deadline. And they will need every day of the remaining months to rework policies, reconfigure systems and retrain employees to handle the new disclosures, which are more than just a few new forms.

Are you prepared for the big Truth in Lending and Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act changes that will reshape mortgage originations in the years to come? Find out what you need to know – and do – at the Inside Mortgage Finance webinar: “Planning for New Disclosures: The Time Is Now.” Our team of experts examine the changes required under the new rules–and, most importantly, take you through what you should be doing now to ensure the smoothest transition to the new requirements.

You’ll hear from:

  • Rod Alba, Senior Regulatory Counsel, American Bankers Association

  • Andy Dunn, Senior Attorney, Wolters Kluwer Financial Services

  • Roger Fendelman, Vice President, Compliance, Interthinx

  • Rich Horn, Partner, Dentons

Among the topics, our experts cover during the 90-minute webinar:

  • How will the new disclosures improve your lending processes?

  • What important aspects of the rule are still undefined?

  • What should your implementation plan look like?

  • When can you switch over to the new forms?

  • What are likely to be the biggest technology challenges?

  • What testing should you conduct—and when?

  • What are the penalties for getting it wrong?

  • What changes should you be making to your customer interactions?

Don’t let time run out on you. Make sure your disclosure planning is where it should be.

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