Overhauling the CFPB: Regulatory Relief on the Horizon

Recorded Jan. 18, 2018

After years of wrestling with the tough mortgage regulatory and enforcement regime of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, mortgage lenders and servicers are suddenly facing the prospect of a kinder, gentler regulator.

A new CFPB acting directoróand eventually a new permanent directoróis looking to provide some serious regulatory relief, throwing into question everything from the parameters of the ability-to-repay rule to the focus of enforcement actions and even whether pending litigation will be shelved.

Some changes could be quick and roundly welcomed by the mortgage industryósuch as an increase in guidance that would allow mortgage companies to rely less on enforcement actions to puzzle out regulatory doís and doníts. Other changes, such as rolling back regulation, will take longer and be more involved and the time and money required for retooling might make them more burden than boon for financial institutions.

In this 90-minute recording, our panel of experts will discuss the impact of the CFPB transition on mortgage regulation, supervision and enforcement, compliance and litigation.

Youíll hear from:

  • Meredith Boylan, Counsel, Venable
  • Melanie Brody, Partner, Mayer Brown
  • Benjamin Olson, Partner, Buckley Sandler

Uncover how the CFPB shakeup could change your business.

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