Modifying TRID

 Recorded Sept. 29, 2016

After wrestling with the new TILA/RESPA integrated disclosure rule for nearly a year, lenders can now glimpse some pending relief, courtesy of TRID rule amendments just proposed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

The much-anticipated amendments address the “black hole” caused by fee increases that occur too near to closing to allow issuance of a new Loan Estimate, a phenomenon that has caused lenders to eat lots of fee increases since the TRID rule took effect. They also provide better guidance about sharing the disclosures with involved third parties, such as real estate agents.

But the proposed amendments provide no policy revisions related to cures. Instead they focus on changes that have been characterized as “highly technical.” And while the CFPB contends that this allows lenders to avoid “substantial reprogramming,” the changes will nonetheless require retooling systems that are still in the shakedown period.

Our panel of legal experts looks at how the disclosure revisions would change your business and what you’d need to change to meet them.

During the 90-minute recording, you’ll hear from:

  • Holly Spencer Bunting, Partner, Mayer Brown
  • Brandy Hood, Associate, BuckleySandler
  • Benjamin Olson, Partner, BuckleySandler
  • Matthew Smith, Associate, Ballard Spahr

Among the topics discussed:

+ How the amendments would change cures,

+ How the amendments handle the “black hole,”

+ What lending will now fall under the disclosure rules that didn’t before,

+ What changes your systems would need.

Understand how the TRID amendments will change your origination and secondary marketing businesses.

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