Riding the FHA/Ginnie Mae Wave: Today's Opportunities and Challenges

Riding the FHA/Ginnie Mae Wave

An Inside Mortgage Finance Webinar

Recorded Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2012

Over the past five years, FHA lending and Ginnie Mae securitization have soared as the two programs have helped fill the void created by the mortgage crisis and the collapse of the non-agency market. And that growth has created both opportunities and challenges for mortgage market players looking to expand their government-insured mortgage business.

With more than a trillion dollars in new FHA and Ginnie Mae activity in recent years, many firms have dramatically improved their bottom line by significantly expanding their government-insured mortgage business. But that expansion has also created new risks for FHA and Ginnie Mae.

Learn about the important steps FHA and Ginnie Mae are taking to better monitor lender and issuer performance and what firms can do to limit their liability at an important new webinar from the folks at Inside Mortgage Finance. Join us for “Riding the FHA/Ginnie Mae Wave: Today's Opportunities and Challenges.” Hear directly from senior FHA and Ginnie Mae executives about evolving new policies at these important agencies. You’ll also receive industry insight from legal and lending experts.

FHA is facing rising delinquencies with limited loss reserves. And increasingly the agency has looked to lenders to indemnify the agency from FHA losses. Ginnie Mae, meanwhile, is seeing a surge in new issuer applications as smaller firms look to access the program amidst a decline in wholesale buyers. The agency expects only the highest quality performance from its issuers. That means approving issuers who demonstrate a sound understanding of the financial responsibilities of the program and who have the financial capacity to sustain those responsibilities. Ginnie wants long-term partners with financial capability to make servicing advances and has developed an internal scorecard to show issuers how they stack up against peers.

It’s a changing FHA/Ginnie Mae world and you can learn about all the important developments: Listen to the recording of this important webinar.

Webinar Speakers:

Justin Burch Michael Drayne Angelo Rea

Justin Burch

Director, Quality Assurance Division


Michael Drayne

Senior Vice President, Office of Issuer & Portfolio Management

Ginnie Mae

Angelo Rea

Senior Vice President
Government Training

Flagstar Bank

Phil Schulman Guy

Phillip Schulman


K&L Gates LLP

  Guy Cecala,

CEO & Publisher

Inside Mortgage Finance

Hear from agency executives and learn about:

  • How to do agency business the right way and avoid indemnification
  • What you need to know about FHA compare ratios for monitoring lender performance
  • What it takes to become a Ginnie Mae issuer today
  • The outlook for increased net worth requirements for FHA
  • Issuer liability
  • How GNMA is doing with its modernization efforts and why it matters
  • The possibility of FHA coordinating QM standards with the CFPB
  • Whether HUD will gain the ability to terminate a lender’s approval nationwide
  • How FHA’s servicing standards are likely to change
  • The likelihood of FHA mortgage insurance premiums staying at their current level
  • How the Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund’s solvency is affected by lending today
  • Increased liability for FHA lenders, including the False Claims Act and FIRREA
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