Non-QM Opportunities: Lending Outside the Qualified Mortgage Box

An Inside Mortgage Finance Webinar

Recorded May 8, 2014

With refinance volume way down and home purchase activity rising slowly, everyone in the mortgage industry is looking at ways to generate new business in 2014. And the advent of tough new ability-to-repay/qualified mortgage regulations has prompted more than a few mortgage market players to consider non-QM lending in the months ahead. Some are eyeing the non-QM opportunities in the jumbo market while others are eying potential non-QM profits in the nonprime space.

Does non-QM lending make business sense for your company? What are the legal risks in this new mortgage market sector?

Get the answers to these and many other questions in Non-QM Opportunities: Lending Outside the Qualified Mortgage Box.  Hear from a panel of experts on how you can tap into the non-QM lending niche without putting your business at risk.

You’ll hear from

  • Mitch Hochberg, General Counsel, Ethos Lending, and Partner, Fenway Summer

  • Stew Larsen, Executive Vice President, Mortgage Banking, Bank of the West

  • Laurence Platt, Partner, K&L Gates

What you’ll learn from this 90-minute session:

  • How lenders already are working in the non-QM space.

  • What non-QM lending policies you need to adopt to manage and minimize your risk.

  • What your secondary market options are now and what they might look like in the future for non-QM loans.

  • How portfolio loans are treated differently than securitized loans when it comes to non-QM mortgages.

  • What pitfalls you should avoid as you make your non-QM lending plans.

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