Servicing Strategies: Weighing Your MSR Options

An Inside Mortgage Finance Webinar

Recorded March 26, 2014

Lenders are discovering hidden gold in their mortgage servicing rights. The market to buy these rights has been on the upswing, and valuations have shot up as a result, with the fair value of MSRs increasing more than 30 percent between 3Q12 and 3Q13. For some lenders, this found money is helping them ride out the slowdown in originations.

But even with the run up in values, many lenders are choosing to hold onto their servicing, some because it maintains relationships with customers who have additional valuable banking and lending needs, others to avoid the regulatory and oversight headaches associated with servicing transfers. Other lenders are taking a middle path, selling the asset but continuing to work the loans as subservicer.

Explore the paths available to you—and the pros and cons of each—with IMF’s “Servicing Strategies: Weighing Your MSR Options” webinar recorded on March 26.

You'll hear from:

  • George Christo, Executive Vice President, The Prestwick Mortgage Group
  • Mark Garland, President, MountainView Servicing
  • John Sayre, Senior Vice President, Interactive Mortgage Advisors
  • Lawrence Platt, Partner, K&L Gates

In this 90-minute recording, you’ll learn:

  • How you can benefit from this servicing revolution and where the potential pitfalls lay;
  • How Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and state regulatory scrutiny of servicing transfers is likely to affect the market for MSRs and the timing of sales;
  • What is likely to happen to MSR values in 2014 and whether they may already have passed their high point;
  • How to determine the best MSR strategy for your business;
  • How regulatory oversight has changed in recent years;
  • How to know if you’re getting the best price for your servicing rights;
  • And more.

Bonus Competitive Intelligence

Ranking of all banks and thrifts reporting $100 million or more in mortgage servicing for others, a $325 value.

This list of 566 institutions shows the volume of servicing for others in 4Q13 and the change in SFO from the previous quarter and the year ago. You’ll also know each institution’s ratio of MSR fair value to SFO for the three periods and its 4Q SFO market share.

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