Dealing With Foreclosure Risk Webinar


An Inside Mortgage Finance Webinar
Held Thursday, November 18, 2010

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The mortgage servicing industry is suddenly under intense fire for mishandling the tidal wave of foreclosures that has swept over America in recent years. In the wake of allegations of “robo-signers” and missing documents, a growing list of federal and state regulators are launching an unprecedented review and investigation of foreclosure practices. And more than just the largest mortgage servicers in the country are being threatened with a firestorm of litigation and claims related to foreclosure missteps. Find out what the foreclosure mess really means for the mortgage industry in terms of increased risk and liability. Hear from the regulators as well as top legal experts about the potential fallout from the current foreclosure paperwork crisis. Mortgage servicers have undertaken major reviews of their foreclosure processing and when necessary are redoing the paperwork and filings for foreclosures. Servicers are vowing to keep their foreclosure activities on track. Meanwhile, consumer advocates are calling for a foreclosure moratorium and demanding that servicers do more loan modifications. Are servicers doing enough to manage foreclosure processing risk? Will their current efforts survive state and federal scrutiny? And will a potential avalanche of legal challenges significantly delay resolving the backlog of foreclosed properties waiting to be sold? Hear our panel of experts’ experience and find out what they advise to help firms navigate foreclosure problems.

These experts shared their insights and answer your questions:

  • Brian Brooks, Partner, O'Melveny & Myers LLP
  • Laurence E. Platt, Practice Area Leader, K&L Gates LLP
  • John Prendergast, VP for Non-Depository Supervision, Conference of State Bank Supervisors
  • Guy D. Cecala, Publisher, Inside Mortgage Finance (moderator)

This 90-Minute Session Addressed:

  • How significant will costs to remediate errors or omissions be?
  • What is the possibility that the federal government will take action to stabilize the market?
  • What will these actions do to the housing recovery, industry jobs and potential homebuyers?
  • What about the MERS controversy and clear title to properties?
  • What are buyers to do who already have contracts to buy and the paperwork is in limbo?
  • Will short sales increase to fill the void of available houses?
  • With less inventory will property prices rise?
  • What effect might Illinois AG Madigan’s calling for permitting bankruptcy court judges to reduce principal on mortgages have?
  • Will other states follow New York’s lead of requiring lenders’ counsel to file an affirmation with the court verifying document accuracy?

CLICK HERE to download the MP3 file and Conference Manual ($197)

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