Loss Mitigation Strategies audio conference (W)


An Inside Mortgage Finance Audio Conference
Held Thursday, January 15, 2009

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You'll Get:

  • An audio CD so you can listen to the entire discussion, including Q&A with experts, FHA and FDIC officials and industry leaders;
  • The conference manual, which includes a program outline, speaker bios, presentations, and contact information plus value-added articles from the pages of Inside Mortgage Finance;
  • A full transcript, including the audience Q&A sessions—a favorite part of these events.

The mortgage meltdown and rising foreclosures have made loss mitigation strategies a top priority for the government and the mortgage industry. Learn about the latest loss mitigation strategies—including innovations in loan modifications—in a valuable new Inside Mortgage Finance audio conference.

Lawmakers are leaning on government officials to extend bailout funding or benefits to homeowners facing foreclosure. And mortgage market players are waiting to see what federally subsidized mortgage relief plans will emerge in early 2009. Will it involve an overhaul of FHA's HOPE for Homeowners program? An expansion of the FDIC's IndyMac pilot program with a government guarantee on modified mortgages? Or some program aimed at helping homeowners and stimulating the housing industry?

This audio conference will help you navigate the ever-changing maze of loss mitigation, loan modifications, and work out opportunities.

Hear directly from federal officials, a legal expert and a major servicer about what's really going on in government and industry today.

These Experts Share Their Insights and Answer Questions:

  • Margaret Burns, Director of the Office of Single Family Program Development, FHA;
  • Michael H. Krimminger, Special Advisor for Policy, Office of the Chairman, FDIC;
  • Laurence E. Platt, Practice Area Leader, K&L Gates LLP;
  • Guy Cecala, Publisher, Inside Mortgage Finance, will moderate.

Listen to this Audio Conference and Learn About:

  • The 4.5% Solution—or how the government is using lower mortgage rates to prop up the housing and mortgage industries;
  • The FDIC's plans to expand its aggressive loan modification initiatives;
  • How servicers can work with investors on mortgage workouts;
  • The role Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac can play in reducing foreclosures;
  • How voluntary efforts such as HOPE NOW are working;
  • What can be expected from the expanded loan modification efforts of major servicers;
  • Which homeowners are likely to get help—and which won't;
  • What terms should be required of lenders/servicers for loan modifications;
  • Chances that mortgage "cramdowns" will be part of bankruptcy, additional foreclosure moratoriums, and more.

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