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December 14, 2017 - IMFnews

Short Takes: Keeping Tabs on GSE Dividends / The GOP Tax Plan and DTAs / Good News for ‘Conforming’ Jumbos? / LendingTree Getting Frothy? / First Republic Bank Stands Out in Second Liens

The share price of online loan broker LendingTree is looking a bit pricey these days at $337.80 a unit...

December 13, 2017 - IMFnews

Short Takes: GSE Dividend Payments: All Systems Go? / Cutting GSE Shareholders out of the Equation? / Wintrust Buying Mortgage Assets from VA Lender / UWM and MC Strike Deal / Chase Exec Bolts for Hamilton

In a new blog posting, Investors Unite asks the basic question: “Are Fannie’s and Freddie’s foes driving GSE reform?”

December 6, 2017 - IMFnews

Short Takes: DoubleLine Eyeing Non-QM Sector / Connecticut Lender Attempts ‘12 in 12’ / Sen. Warren Worries about OMB Staffers Embedded at CFPB / English Gets to Keep Her Regular Job, for Now / A Promotion at LoanLogics

Sen. Elizabeth Warren wants a complete list of OMB staffers who have been detailed to the CFPB by Mulvaney...

December 5, 2017 - IMFnews

FHFA Updates CSP Project: $661.6 Billion of Issuance Thus Far for Freddie; A Fear of Price Differentials?

The FHFA said it’s working with Fannie and Freddie to “develop processes to identify and align those enterprise programs, policies, and practices that could materially affect prepayments.”

December 1, 2017 - IMFnews

What We’re Hearing: Yes, There’s a Senate GSE Reform Bill in the Works / Acting Ginnie Mae President Has Some MBS Ideas / How Many Loss Positions are There? / The Mulvaney Effect? / Ranieri will Stick Around

Mick Mulvaney has been in charge of the CFPB all week and we’ve yet to hear one prediction that subprime mortgage lending will revive with a vengeance…

November 28, 2017 - IMFnews

Short Takes: Day 2, Mulvaney is Still in Charge / Waiting on Judge Kelly to Decide / Look for an Appeal / Raj Date Resurfaces, Sort of / Soros Fund Joins MBA

Depending on the judge’s decision, the losing party will appeal…

November 20, 2017 - Inside the CFPB

Other News in Brief/More Industry Advice for a Post-Cordray CFPB

More Industry Advice for a Post-Cordray CFPB. Competitive Enterprise Institute financial policy expert John Berlau said last week, “Richard Cordray’s impending resignation as director of the CFPB is long overdue.... Growth of CFPB Leveling Off. The total number of employees at the CFPB came to 1,668 for fiscal year 2017, up 20 positions from the year before, according to the bureau’s latest financial statements for the last two years.... GAO Signs Off on CFPB Financial Statements. The Government Accountability Office audited the CFPB’s financial statements for fiscal years 2016 and 2017, and found they are “presented fairly, in all material respects, in accordance with U.S. generally accepted accounting principles.”...

November 20, 2017 - Inside the CFPB

CFPB’s Info Security Program Is ‘Consistently Implemented’

On a scale of one to five, the CFPB’s overall information security program is operating at a level-three (consistently implemented) maturity, with the agency performing several activities indicative of a higher maturity level, according to a recent report from the bureau’s Office of Inspector General. “For instance, the CFPB’s information security continuous monitoring process is effective and operating at level four, with the agency tracking and reporting on performance measures related to supporting activities,” the OIG said. “In addition, the CFPB employs network access controls to detect unauthorized hardware and has implemented automated patch management tools.” These areas are typically associated with a level-four maturity. The CFPB also could mature its information security program to make sure that it is ...

November 20, 2017 - IMFnews

Mortgage Tech Vendors Make Case for Greater Digitalization

Tech vendors believe that home lenders are seeing dramatic benefits from automating their secondary marketing operations…

November 17, 2017 - Inside The GSEs

Fannie, Freddie Make Strides to Strengthen eMortgage Adoption

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac released a report this week on efforts to improve the origination of eMortgage transactions including more education and policy alignment on the topic. Those efforts have resulted in the growth of the number of warehouse banks that fund eNotes. The report was a follow-up to a joint industry outreach survey the GSEs conducted last year on perceived barriers to the industry adopting eMortgages. Stakeholder readiness and process complexity were found to be the most common barriers among the lenders, IT companies, warehouse banks, servicers and title/settlement providers surveyed. Survey participants said there was a lack of support for funding eNotes by warehouse banks, a source many mortgage lenders rely on.

November 17, 2017 - Inside Mortgage Trends

Tech Vendors Make Case for Greater Digitalization

As the mortgage industry continues evolving toward a 100 percent, end-to-end digital mortgage, automation and collaboration are playing essential roles, according to some top vendors. Bob Brandt, vice president of marketing and alliances at Optimal Blue, said, “The digital movement in the mortgage industry is all about automation – automation of the mortgage process truly from end to end: from lead generation to point of sale to processing and closing and the delivery of loans ...

November 9, 2017 - Inside Mortgage Finance

PennyMac Focuses on Originations and Servicing Growth With Launch of Wholesale Channel, Tech Development

PennyMac Financial Services is set to launch broker-direct originations, complementing its correspondent production and retail originations. Officials note that in-house technology development plays a major role in the nonbank’s efforts to increase originations and servicing.

November 9, 2017 - IMFnews

Digital Use Up, Customer Satisfaction Down. How Can That Be?

Among the key findings: digital use is surging, but not digital satisfaction...

November 8, 2017 - IMFnews

New HMDA Data Privacy Concerns Emerge in Wake of Data Breaches

Heightened concerns have emerged about the effectiveness of the CFPB’s information security systems…

November 3, 2017 - Inside Mortgage Trends

Collateral Analytics Estimates Appraisal Accuracy

Property value estimates from traditional appraisals may have a significant amount of uncertainty behind them, but Collateral Analytics says it may have a solution that could improve the accuracy of appraisals. Loan purchasers and portfolio lenders can benefit from CA’s new tool, which can be used for strategic lending and better risk management, according to Michael Sklarz, founder and president of Collateral Analytics. “We are taking an appraisal and its accompanying information ...

November 3, 2017 - Inside Mortgage Trends

Here Are Five Steps to Sound Digital Investments

Stratmor Senior Partner Garth Graham recently offered a handful of things mortgage lenders should consider to make the best decisions possible about their investments in digital technology. First, lender executives should be sure they clearly know the business case for the investments they are making. “Without a very specific business case, it is very difficult to generate the additional revenue or lower the expense necessary to handle the investments that are being made in new technology ...

November 3, 2017 - Inside Mortgage Trends

Newcomer Unveils Next-Gen POS Solution

A lender doesn’t have to be one of the big dogs in the industry to be competitive, thanks to continuing technological innovation. A case in point: Former U.S. Comptroller of the Currency Gene Ludwig and former Freddie Mac Chief Operating Officer Bruce Witherell have formed a new company in the mortgage technology and fulfillment solutions spaces, Promontory MortgagePath, which just rolled out what it’s touting as the next generation of point-of-sale solutions for lenders ...


With originations expected to drop in 2018, will your shop turn to non-QM/non-prime mortgage products as a way to bolster volumes?

Yes, definitely. We’re planning a launch.


No. It’s still difficult compliance/regulatory-wise.


Maybe. It’s under consideration.


Not now. But things could change as 2018 progresses.