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May 25, 2017 - Inside Mortgage Finance

Watt Concerned About FHLBanks Relying On Short-Term Funding of Longer-Term Assets

The Federal Home Loan Banks have become too reliant on short-term funding of longer-term assets, according to Federal Housing Finance Agency Director Mel Watt. Speaking at the FHLBank Annual Director’s Conference this week, Watt reiterated his concern from a year earlier that over time a heavy reliance on short-term funding can strain the system’s capacity to issue short-term debt at attractive spreads. He acknowledged...

May 5, 2017 - Inside The GSEs

Federal Home Loan Bank Advances Decline by 6 Percent in 1Q17

The Federal Home Loan Bank System saw a 6 percent decline in advances during the first quarter of 2017. The FHLBank’s Office of Finance reported that advances, which stood at $660.7 billion, decreased from $705.2 billion in the previous quarter, primarily because there was less demand by the larger bank members. In fact, all of the banks witnessed a decrease in advances with the exception of two. The FHLBank of Indianapolis and FHLBank of Topeka both had a slight uptick in the volume of advances taken, growing from $28.0 million to $29.6 billion and $23.9 billion to $25.8 billion, respectively.

April 21, 2017 - Inside The GSEs

FHFA Increased MWOB Biz in 2016, But Challenges Remain

The Federal Housing Finance Agency said it increased the number of minority and women-owned businesses it awarded contracts to in 2016. But several obstacles make expanding its business with MWOBs complicated. The agency recently released its annual report to Congress, which details initiatives and accomplishments during the year to increase diversity and inclusion. This year’s report also mentioned a diversity and inclusion program to examine the same practices within Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Federal Home Loan Banks. In 2016, the FHFA expanded...

April 21, 2017 - Inside The GSEs

FHLBank of NY Settles in Lehman Lawsuit Over Swaps

The Federal Home Loan Bank of New York settled a lawsuit with Lehman Brothers last week stemming from claims the bank undervalued interest rate swaps in 2008. In Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. v. Federal Home Loan Bank of New York, documents show that the bank will pay $70 million to the Lehman bankruptcy estate. A recent FHLBank of NY filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission revealed...


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