Inside Mortgage Finance Data Directory

The IMF Data Directory offers “Quick Links,” and lists all the mortgage data charts published in our publications for the past 365 days. The links below take you to the issue that contains the data chart. You must be an active subscriber to the publication and logged in to access and download via these "quick” links. Non-subscribers may purchase data separately or become a subscriber for access.

The letter-code next to each chart name represents the publication with the chart.

  • IMF = Inside Mortgage Finance, IM&A = Inside MBS & ABS, IGSE = Inside The GSEs
  • IMT = Inside Mortgage Trends, INM= Inside Nonconforming Markets, IFHA = Inside FHA/VA Lending
  • ICFPB = Inside the CFPB

Search Tip: To quickly search the full list for the data chart you need, use the “Find” feature of your browser.

  • Hold down the “CTRL” and “F” keys on your keyboard to bring up a search box on your browser. (On Internet Explorer, it will be toward the top of the window; on Firefox it will be at the bottom of your window).
  • Enter the word(s) of the data you need and your browser will highlight where the text appears; press "next" to scroll through the selections.

Still unsure how it works? Learn more with this video tutorial.


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