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Volume 2018 - Number 11

March 16, 2018

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Investor Demand Sturdy Enough to Absorb Slight Growth in Agency Single-Family MBS During 2017

The agency MBS market continued to chug along in the fourth quarter of 2017, growing fast enough to offset the steady decline in non-agency product, according to a new Inside MBS & ABS analysis.

Industry Waits for Release of Rep. Hensarling GSE Reform Plan; But Some Give It a Big ‘So What’

The staff of Rep. Jeb Hensarling, R-TX, is putting the finishing touches on a plan to reform the nationís housing-finance system, but several lobbyists and trade group officials question what impact the proposal will have.

Citadel Servicing Pulls the Plug on Its First Non-QM MBS But Still Expects a Banner Year for Originations

Citadel Servicing Corp., which has been working on its first MBS deal backed by non-qualified mortgages for six months, killed the transaction this week, industry sources familiar with the matter told Inside MBS & ABS.

Investors See Mixed Results After Pushing MBS and ABS Issuers to Increase Disclosures; SEC Action Still Pending

Efforts to enhance disclosures on MBS and ABS in recent years have generated mixed results, according to industry participants. Inadequate disclosures helped contribute to the financial crisis, according to investors that suffered significant losses on MBS and ABS.

Issuance of ABS Backed by Marketplace Loans Expected to Increase After a Record High 4Q17

Marketplace lenders participating in the ABS sector predict that issuance will increase this year due to strong demand from investors and an ample supply of new originations.

SFIG Advises Senate to Ensure GSE Reform Plan Maintains Liquidity, Shrinks Government Footprint

The Structured Finance Industry Group wants to make sure any housing-finance reform bill ensures continued liquidity in the MBS market. The Wall Street group recently penned a letter to Sens. Bob Corker, R-TN, and Mark Warner, D-VA, to give feedback on a draft version of the Senate bill.

Bankruptcy Court Sides with Lehman on Valuation of Trustees’ Legacy MBS Claims

A New York bankruptcy judge has ordered the bankruptcy estate of Lehman Brothers Holdings to pay $2.38 billion to cover legacy residential MBS claims filed by trustees in 2008.

MBS and ABS Issuance at a Glance: March 16, 2018

A full page of issuance data and MBS market indicators.


What’s your opinion on how Mick Mulvaney has managed the CFPB since he took over three months ago?

He’s done a good job of paring back the agency’s excesses and we’d like to see more.
I hope he totally dismantles the agency and sends those functions back to the agencies hence they came.
Not bad, but he needs to take his time making additional changes.
We’re totally aghast. He’s gone way too far in protecting the rights of companies not consumers!

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