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Volume 17 - Number 21

October 20, 2017

A ‘Perfect Storm’ of Good News Should Result in Strong GSE 3Q

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are poised to report robust earnings for the third quarter, likely blowing past results of the prior two periods, according to an analysis by Inside The GSEs. The only question now is this: Just how good will it be? “And most of that money will be swept into the Treasury,” noted Tim Rood, a former Fannie Mae executive who now heads The Collingwood Group. Not only did the GSEs benefit from a strong origination and MBS issuance market in 3Q17, but a previously announced legal settlement with Royal Bank of Scotland will finally hit the books.

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Who "owns" the mortgage customer that’s brought to a wholesale lender through a loan broker?

The broker. It’s his/her client.


The wholesale/table funder. They’re taking the financial risk.


The broker, but only for the first year. After that, the borrower is fair game.


Hard to answer. It’s a complicated issue.