Web-Access Data Subscription

The most reliable and comprehensive set of data about the mortgage market in its most convenient and up-to-the-minute form.

Your web-access data subscription brings you a wide set of data that describe the mortgage market, including a range of statistics on originations, servicing, the government market, the nonconforming market, profitability, mortgage-backed securities, and asset-backed securities. You'll be able to instantly download charts covering historic periods up to 25 years ago through the most recently reported quarter. The data is updated throughout your year-long subscription so you always have access to the latest information.

Choose the format in which your charts will be presented:

One year of single-user web access, PDF Format $3,050.00
One year of single-user web access, Spreadsheet Format $7,725.00


With loan volumes declining, does your shop have plans to enter the non-QM lending market in 2019?

Yes, definitely. A solid move forward.


Yes, but only incrementally.


We’re pondering a move into non-QM, but haven’t made up our mind.


No, definitely not. We view it has too risky.