Web-Access Data Subscription

Unlock full access to IMF’s vault of mortgage data, any time and any place.

With a web-access data subscription, you can access any chart in our data store—from top originators to MBS issuance, from mortgage-banking earnings to GSE earnings. You can choose historical information, some reaching as far back as 30 years, or data just published this week.

There’s no limit to how many charts you can download or how often you can download them during your year-long subscription. Whether your research need is for one large project this weekend or many smaller ones over the course of the year, an IMF web-access data subscription is the cost-effective—and easy—way to connect with the most reliable market information in the mortgage industry.

With an IMF web-access data subscription, you can research:

  • Top mortgage originators, servicers, underwriters and issuers
  • Mortgage originations by product and channel
  • Top FHA, nontraditional, ARM and jumbo mortgage producers
  • GSE mortgage pools
  • Large mortgage servicer delinquency and foreclosure rates
  • Loss mitigation activity
  • Bank, private mortgage insurers and GSE earnings
  • Mortgage profitability data, including repurchase activity
  • MBS and mortgage investor rankings
  • And many more

See the full list of charts included.

With a web-access data subscription, you’ll have online connection for a full year to the entire set of charts—including quarterly updates during the year for many of the charts and an expanded historical set that for some charts dates back to 1984. The charts are instantly downloadable and can be accessed repeatedly throughout your subscription. The data is updated throughout your year-long subscription so you always have access to the latest information.

Select from two formats:

  • With a PDF format subscription, downloadable files will be available for viewing using Adobe Acrobat or other PDF reader.
  • A spreadsheet format subscription delivers your charts as Excel™ files.

Take a tour of the web-access data subscription:

Call for multi-user pricing.

One year of single-user web access, PDF Format $3,100.00
One year of single-user web access, Spreadsheet Format $7,725.00


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