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Use Inside MBS & ABS—covering this business for 25 years—to find the most in-depth coverage and comprehensive statistics on the mortgage-backed securities market found anywhere. Every week subscribers get exclusive rankings of the top issuers and underwriters of the non-agency market, details on GSE activity and hard-to-find numbers on MBS investor profiles and loan securitization rates. Our experienced analysis is highly valued by insiders. You can find it all in the pages of Inside MBS & ABS.

If you’re looking to increase your business in the mortgage securities arena, track your competitors, or monitor the latest trends and product innovations, this is one publication you can’t afford to miss. Inside MBS & ABS covers both the agency (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae, FA/FHA) market and non-agency (private label) securitizations.

IM&A analysts will ensure you don’t miss anything important in this arena. Our researchers go through every prospectus on every deal to bring you the most comprehensive statistics and analysis found anywhere on the MBS market.

Only in Inside MBS & ABS will you find:

  • Unique Investor Profiles
  • New activity of industry players, from issuers, raters and traders to analysts, service providers and regulators
  • Complete Lists of MBS Issuance and Issuers
  • Securitization Rates
  • Expert analysis with historical perspective
  • Best Non-Agency Data and Players
  • Top Bank Holders with Potential Collateral Under TARP
  • GSE Activity and Top Sellers
  • And Other Exclusive Statistics

What You Need to Know Now Is in Inside MBS & ABS

Join other market players who rely on Inside MBS & ABS for the most thorough coverage of the complex and evolving agency and non-agency MBS markets. What new rules will govern securitization going forward? How many loan modifications will really get done and what losses may investors suffer? What will be the repercussions of lawsuits? What do the latest proposed regulations mean for my business?—There’s a lot of change to stay on top of in mortgage-backed securities.

Trust Inside MBS & ABS to keep you well-informed and able to take advantage of opportunities.

Exclusive Data for Your Planning

Since 1985 Inside MBS & ABS has been serving the interests of executives in the mortgage and MBS markets. In that time we have developed the largest data storehouse anywhere. You, too, can get access to the complete statistics subscribers receive every week.

Follow Inside MBS & ABS for…

  • Weekly issuance: trading volume, key investors, MBS performance, primary applications; and Indicators: agency/non-agency breakdowns by month, CMO/RMIC and ABS;
  • Comprehensive coverage of all agency and non-agency issuance;
  • Analysis of new regulations and changes from FASB, SEC, more;
  • Relevant news from industry conferences that you may have missed;
  • Top bank holders of potential assets under TARP;
  • News on loan modifications and government programs: TALF, HARP;
  • In-depth coverage of proposed and new accounting rules that seriously affect business;
  • Exclusive investor profiles, securitization rates, top rankings;
  • Breakdowns of Federal Reserve’s, Treasury’s and banks’ purchases of MBS, and much more.

Inside MBS & ABS is published weekly, 48 times a year. Est. 1985.

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