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  • Inside Mortgage Trends - 12/23/16

    Share of Loans that Close on Time Increasing

  • Investopedia - 11/29/16

    Housing Affordability Is Slipping in 20 Markets

  • Inside Mortgage Finance - 11/25/16

    Prices on Non-Distressed Properties Declined for Two Months with Slackened Demand from Homebuyers

  • CNBC - 11/1/16

    Homeowners twice as house rich as five years ago

  • The Columbian - 10/30/16

    Shortage of appraisers spells long but lucrative work hours

  • Inside Mortgage Trends - 10/28/16

    First-Time Homebuyer Share Down Sharply

  • Inside Mortgage Finance - 10/28/16

    Appraiser Shortage Continues to Delay Loan Closings in Market With Strong Purchase-Mortgage Demand

  • Boston Agent Magazine - 10/5/16

    Appraisals remain a problem for thousands of real estate agents

  • Mortgage Professional America - 10/4/16

    Shortage of real estate appraisers is hurting the housing market

  • CNBC - 9/27/16

    'Massive' shortage of appraisers causing home sales delays

  • Builder Magazine - 10/3/16

    Drop in Appraisers Causes Home Sales Delays

  • CNBC - 9/27/16

    'Massive' shortage of appraisers causing home sales delays

  • Inman News - 9/23/16

    Is a lack of appraisers causing real estate closing delays?

  • Inside Mortgage Finance - 9/23/16

    Closings of Purchase Mortgages Increasingly Delayed as Strong Volume Mixes with Shortage of Appraisers

  • Inside the CFPB - 9/5/16

    Real Estate Agents Report Mixed Experience with TRID 1.0

  • Inside Mortgage Finance - 8/26/16

    Appraisal Issues Increasingly Causing Delays of Purchase Mortgages in Busy Home-Buying Season

  • Inside Mortgage Finance - 7/22/16

    Realtors Say FHA Loans and GSE Low-Downpayment Programs Seen as Readily Available for Homebuyers

  • Inside Mortgage Finance - 7/8/16

    Lenders Seen as a Reliable Source for Homebuyer Leads for Real Estate Agents, though Practice is Somewhat Uncommon

  • Inside Mortgage Finance - 6/24/16

    First-Time Homebuyer Share of Home Purchases Increases, Origination Volume Up Sharply in 1Q16

  • HousingWire - 5/23/16

    First-time homebuyer share grows despite tough market conditions

  • Inside Mortgage Finance - 5/20/16

    First-Time Homebuyers Gaining Market Share Even With Strong Competition for Limited Inventory

  • Inside Mortgage Finance - 4/22/16

    Six Months After Implementation of TRID, Mortgage Closing Times Starting to Improve

  • Inside FHA/VA Lending - 3/25/16

    FHA, VA Appraisals Come in Lower Than Contract Price, Survey Finds

  • Inside Mortgage Finance - 3/18/16

    Mixed Views on Appraisal Trends for Purchase Mortgages as Home Prices Continue to Increase

  • Inside the CFPB - 2/22/16

    TRID Effect on Closings Uneven, Still Mostly Negative, Data Show

  • Inside Mortgage Finance - 2/19/16

    First-Time Homebuyer Share of Home Purchases Increasing as Spring Homebuying Season Nears

  • Inside the CFPB - 1/25/16

    Survey Finds Continued Minor Effect of TRID, No Big Impact

  • Inside Mortgage Finance - 1/22/16

    Closing Times on Mortgaged Home Sales Lengthened In December, With Some Blame Placed on TRID

  • Mortgage News Daily - 12/22/15

    TRID Hits Consumers and Industry; Wells and Chase Discuss Common Defects

  • MarketWatch - 12/21/15

    New rules to protect home buyers starting to add delays and costs

  • Inside Mortgage Finance - 12/18/15

    Share of Purchase Mortgages that Closed on Time Declines in November, Though TRID Impact Appears Relatively Minor

  • Mortgage Market Update - December 2015

    No Disruptions in Loan Closings Reported Following New TRID Rule

  • Mortgage News Daily - 12/2/15

    CFPB's Financial Stats; TRID Hurting Lending?; Upcoming Events and Training

  • Inside the CFPB - 11/30/15

    Little Immediate Impact From TRID So Far, Survey Finds

  • San Francisco Chronicle - 11/27/15

    Mortgages get simpler, but could also take longer under new rules

  • Washington Post - 11/25/15

    New disclosure rules for mortgages prove to be a headache, but not for all

  • Chicago Tribune - 11/24/15

    New closing rules get mixed reviews from realty pros

  • CNBC - 11/23/15

    New mortgage rules: A 'Y2K' panic that didn’t happen

  • HousingWire - 11/23/15

    TRID hasn't caused any major lending delays…so far

  • Inside Mortgage Finance - 11/20/15

    Implementation of TRID Requirements Doesn’t Appear to Have Had a Significant Impact on Closing Times

  • Investors Business Daily - 10/23/15

    Manufacturing Roars Back As China Central Bank Eases

  • Inside Mortgage Trends - 10/23/15

    Investors, Distressed Properties Gain Market Share

  • MBA Newslink - 9/28/15

    Survey: Demand from Current Homeowners Supporting Housing Market

  • Investors Business Daily - 9/25/15

    GDP Growth, Consumer Sentiment Both Revised Up

  • Inside Mortgage Trends - 9/25/15

    Housing Market Slowing but Stronger than 2014

  • Mortgage News Daily - 8/21/15

    Vendor Management; Current Foci of Capital Markets; A Lender Worth $4 billion?

  • Investors Business Daily - 8/21/15

    Economic News: Global Manufacturing Stalls

  • Inside Mortgage Finance - 8/21/15

    Shift in Purchase-Mortgage Market Share Toward GSEs, Current Homeowners Part of a Seasonal Trend

  • Realty Today - 7/30/15

    Weekly Mortgage Applications Only 0.8% Despite Drop In Rates

  • Houston Chronicle - 7/30/15

    Mortgage: Summer trends: Will sellers still have upper hand?

  • Rapid News Network - 7/29/15

    Mortgage Refi Applications in US Uptick in Late July

  • Investor's Business Daily - 7/24/15

    Economic News: New Home Sales Slide, But Market Still 'Exceptional'

  • Inside Mortgage Finance - 7/24/15

    Purchase-Mortgage Market Stronger than Expected Heading into Summer, Plenty of Demand from Owner-Occupants

  • Washington Post - 6/24/15

    First-time buyers grab a bigger share of the real estate market

  • MBA NewsLink - 6/22/15

    Survey: First-Time Home Buyer Participation Hits 4-Year High

  • Wall Street Journal - 6/19/15

    Low-Down Mortgages Picking Up—to Chagrin of Some

  • Investor's Business Daily - 6/19/15

    Economic News: First-Time Homebuyers Return, ECB Funds Greek Banks

  • Inside Mortgage Finance - 6/19/15

    Mortgage Share of Home-Purchase Financing Increasing as Purchases by Investors Decline

  • Inside FHA/VA Lending - 5/29/15

    VA to Scrutinize Closing Delays, Explore Ways to Shorten Wait Times

  • MBA NewsLink - 5/26/15

    Survey: First-Time Home Buyer Purchases Reach 4-Year High

  • Inside Mortgage Finance - 5/22/15

    First-Time Homebuyer Share Up Sharply This Spring, Helped By Reduction in FHA Insurance Premiums

  • Inside FHA/VA Lending - 5/1/15

    VA Creates Borrower Disincentive With Delays, Longer Closing Time

  • Investor's Business Daily - 4/24/15

    Economic News: Durables Under Duress, Greek Impasse Deepens

  • Inside Mortgage Finance - 4/24/15

    Real Estate Agents Frustrated with Appraisal Costs, Practices of Appraisal Management Companies

  • Inside Mortgage Finance - 4/3/15

    Reliability of a Lender’s Preapproval a Key Factor in Mortgage Recommendations from Real Estate Agents

  • Inside Mortgage Finance - 3/27/15

    Call-Center Lending Getting Begrudging Acceptance by Some Real Estate Agents

  • MBA NewsLink - 3/23/15

    Survey: First-Time Buyers to Drive Spring Home Buying Season

  • Bloomberg Business - 3/20/15

    Homebuilders Rally After KB Home Reports Strong Orders

  • Inside Mortgage Finance - 3/20/15

    Strong Expectations Heading Into Spring Home-Buying Season, Particularly for First-Timers

  • Inside Mortgage Finance - 3/13/15

    Real Estate Agents a Factor in Homebuyer’s Choice of Lender in About One-Third of Sales

  • Inside Mortgage Finance - 2/27/15

    Appraisals and Property Issues Accounting for Larger Share of Mortgage-Closing Delays

  • Los Angeles Times - 2/1/15

    Millennials Are Finally Entering Home-buying Market

  • Washington Post - 1/30/15

    Millennials Jump Into the Mortgage Market

  • Miami Herald - 1/29/15

    Millennials Jump Into the Mortgage Market

  • MBA Newslink - 1/23/15

    First-Time Homebuyers on the Comeback?

  • Inside Mortgage Finance - 1/23/15

    First-Time Homebuyers Account for 43 Percent of Agency Purchase Mortgages in 2014, Wells Dominates

  • Inside Mortgage Finance - 12/19/14

    Mortgage Financing for Home Purchases Gaining Share from Cash Financing on a Yearly Basis

  • Inside Mortgage Finance - 11/21/14

    Lower-Downpayment Mortgages Seen As Useful Products For First-Time Homebuyers, Though Fees are a Concern

  • Inside Mortgage Finance - 10/23/14

    FHA Share of Home-Purchase Financing Falls to Five-Year Low, Borrowers Shift to GSEs and VA

  • Inside Mortgage Trends - 9/19/14

    Slowing Investor Purchases Boost Mortgage Share

  • Inside Mortgage Trends - 8/22/14

    Real Estate Agents Strongly Prefer Local Lenders

  • IMFnews - 8/22/14

    Realtors Prefer ‘Local’ Mortgage Lenders Over Call Centers

  • IMFnews - 8/21/14

    First-Time Homebuyer Share of Home Purchases Rises Significantly

  • Inside Mortgage Finance - 7/25/14

    First-Time Homebuyer Share of Purchase Market at High Levels, GSEs Account for Growing Share

  • Inside Nonconforming Markets - 7/18/14

    Jumbo Borrowers Often Use Their Primary Bank

  • Inside Mortgage Finance - 6/27/14

    Purchase-Mortgage Closing Process Improves With Shorter Timelines, More Accurate Disclosures

  • - 6/23/14

    First-time Homebuyers Are Trickling Back

  • Inside Mortgage Finance - 5/23/14

    Mortgage Financing Gaining Market Share From Cash Buyers for Home Purchases

  • Inside Mortgage Trends - 4/18/14

    Mortgage Hassles Prompt Cash House Purchases

  • Wall Street Journal - 4/3/14

    When Shoppers Say No to the Jumbo

  • Inside Mortgage Trends - 3/21/14

    Homebuyers Having Problems with Short Sales

  • Inside Mortgage Finance - 2/21/14

    Delays in Closing Are Common on Purchase Mortgages With Private MI, FHA Loans

  • Inside Mortgage Trends - 1/24/14

    FHA Losing First-Time Homebuyer Market Share

  • The Street - 12/23/13

    Investor Share of Home Purchases Continues to Tick Up

  • Inside Mortgage Finance - 12/20/13

    Buyers Increasingly Using Cash to Purchase Homes, Some then Get a Mortgage as a Refi

  • Inside Mortgage Finance - 11/22/13

    Cash Share of Home-Purchase Financing Increases, Driven Not By Investors But Current Homeowners

  • Inside Mortgage Finance - 10/25/13

    Prompt Closing Timelines, Smoother Pre-Approvals Would Improve Purchase-Mortgage Originations

  • Inside Mortgage Finance - 9/20/13

    Interest Rate Increases Expected to Impact the Purchase-Mortgage Market in the Long Term

  • Wall Street Journal Real Time Economics Blog - 7/22/13

    Five Takeaways From the Existing Home Sales Report

  • Real Estate Economy Watch - 7/22/13

    Homeowners Surge, Investors Slump

  • Inside Mortgage Finance - 7/19/13

    Rising Interest Rates Having Mixed Effects on Home Purchases, Affordability Remains High

  • MarketWatch - 7/9/13

    The housing-recovery myth

  • Wall Street Journal - 7/3/13

    Surveys Highlight Changing Role for Investors in the Housing Market

  • HousingWire - 6/24/13

    Real estate investor pullback continues to rise

  • The Street - 6/24/13

    Investors Pulling Back From Housing Market, Survey Shows

  • Inside Mortgage Finance - 6/21/13

    Investors Reducing Home-Purchase Activity, Increasing Opportunities for Purchase-Mortgage Originations

  • Profit Confidential - 6/06/13

    Best Explanation on the Fake Housing Market Recovery I’ve Seen

  • The New York Times - 6/03/13

    Behind the Rise in House Prices, Wall Street Buyers

  • Windermere Florida Real Estate - 5/30/13

    Housing Market, HousingPulse Results - Non Distressed Homes Have Been Strong in the Past Quarter

  • Bloomberg BusinessWeek- 5/28/13

    In Hot Housing Markets, Are Investors Fanning Flames?

  • DS News- 5/24/13

    Survey: Distressed Sales Fall, Investors Increase Short Sale Activity

  • HousingWire - 5/24/13

    Distressed inventory as share of home purchases declines

  • The Street- 5/24/13

    44% of Homeowners With a Mortgage Can't Sell: Zillow

  • Inside Mortgage Finance - 5/24/13

    First-Time Homebuyer Share of Home Purchases Declines as FHA Premium Prices Head Higher

  • Real Estate Economy Watch - 5/24/13

    Banks Seen Holding REOs for Higher Prices

  • DS News- 4/26/13

    Non-Investor Homebuyers also Driving Market Recovery, Survey Finds

  • Real Estate Economy Watch - 4/25/13

    Investors No Longer in the Driver’s Seat

  • HousingWire - 4/18/13

    Agents control 45% of homebuyers lender choice

  • Real Estate Economy Watch - 4/15/13

    Agents Demand Faster Closing Times

  • Inside Mortgage Finance - 4/12/13

    Lender Recommendations from Real Estate Agents Tied to Closing Timing and Costs

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