The Campbell/Inside Mortgage Finance HousingPulse Tracking Survey

Built from a dynamic national monthly survey of more than 2,000 real estate agents that captures changing market conditions, the HousingPulse package provides insight into more than three dozen facets of the housing and mortgage business:

  • Homebuyer Participation
  • Proportion of Distressed Property by Region
  • Distressed Property Segments
  • Homebuyer Financing Methods
  • Additional Financing Methods
  • Time on Market Trends by Property Type
  • Average Time on Market by Region
  • Trends in Number of Offers by Property Type
  • Average Number of Offers by Region
  • Home Price Trends by Property Type
  • Market Diffusion Indexes
  • Homebuyer Traffic Diffusion Indexes
  • Investor Traffic Diffusion Indexes
  • First-Time Homebuyer Traffic Diffusion Indexes
  • Distressed Property Supply and Demand Drivers
  • Proportion of Distressed Property Transactions
  • Who Is Buying Properties
  • Financing for Homebuyers
  • Buyers of Damaged REO
  • Buyers of Move-In Ready REO
  • Buyers of Short Sales
  • Buyers of Non-Distressed Properties
  • Financing for Current Homeowners
  • Financing for First-Time Homebuyers
  • Financing for Investors
  • Investor Absorption Metrics
  • Cash Financing
  • Sales-to-List Price Ratio by Property Type
  • Average Originally Scheduled Time to Close by Financing Type
  • Percent of On-Time Closings by Financing Type
  • Average Additional Time to Close by Financing Type
  • Average Total Time to Close by Financing Type
  • Reasons for Delayed Closings

Detailed Numbers and Trends Information

The survey results for each of these data points are presented graphically, providing an at-a-glance understanding of trends.

Your subscription also includes a monthly Excel fi le with individual spreadsheets for each data point, presenting detailed numbers that you can use to dig into the areas of greatest importance to you.

Actionable Analysis and Insight

Your HousingPulse subscription includes a monthly teleconference briefing specifically for you and your staff. During the briefing, you’ll receive high-level analysis of the current trends in the housing and mortgage business. The presentation also includes survey respondents’ quotes, which provide additional insight into the current direction of the market.

To subscribe to HousingPulse or obtain further information, contact:

John Campbell at or (202) 363-2069