Private Mortgage Insurance Activity

Top Sellers of GSE Loans with Private MI

Top 50 sellers by volume. Includes MI share of GSE sales and sequential and year-over-year change. Beginning 6M16, includes breakouts for retail/broker, purchase and refinance loans.Through 9M15, includes breakouts by LTV band (below 85, 85 to 97, 98 to 105, and above 105).

12M18 Data

9M18 Data

6M18 Data

3M18 Data

12M17 Data

9M17 Data

6M17 Data

12M16 Data

9M16 Data

6M16 Data

3M16 Data

12M15 Data

9M15 Data

6M15 Data

3M15 Data

2014 Data

9M14 Data

6M14 Data

2013 Data


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