Salary and Employment

Mortgage and Housing Trade Group CEO Pay

Compensation of the most highly paid executives at publicly traded nonbanks active in the mortgage business. Chart includes current and past year base pay and total compensation, company net profit and percentage change in stock price.

Public Nonbank Mortgage Executives: 2017

Chart detailing 2015 base pay and total compensation and 2016 base pay and total compensation for select C-level executives at nonbanks. Also provides percent change in total compensation in 2016 and amount of related company's profit or loss for 2016. Companies covered are Nationstar Mortgage, Ocwen Financial, PennyMac Financial, PHH Corp. and Walter/Ditech.

Select Nonbank Executives, 2015-16

Chart comparing annual revenue, net revenue and CEO compensation for five mortgage and housing trade groups.

Tax Year 2014


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