Private Mortgage Insurance Activity

Primary Mortgage Insurance Activity

Chart of primary mortgage insurance activity by year for 1988-2007, 1992-2Q09, 2002-4Q13, and 2004-4Q16. Data for each year include new primary private mortgage insurance (traditional, bulk and total), government-insured lending (FHA and VA), the total primary mortgage insurance dollar value and primary market share (PMI, FHA, and VA). 1988-2007 set includes quarterly data for 2007, 1992-2Q09 for 2003-2Q09, 2002-4Q13 for 2013, and 2004-2Q17 for 1Q13-2Q17.

2004-2Q17 Data

2002-4Q13 Data

1992-2Q09 Data

1988-2007 Data


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