Government-Insured Lending

FHA Mortgage Activity by State

Data detailing the volume of FHA mortgages by state.

  • Agency loan-level data also include share by purpose (purchase, refinance), average underwriting characteristics (loan-to-value ratio, FICO score, debt-to-income ratio), FHA share of state business and FHA share of insured business in state.
  • Single-family Snapshot/FHA data also include market share. Beginning 2015, also include breakouts for forward, jumbo and reverse mortgages; and sequential and year-over-year change.
  • 1987-2013 ranking is by volume excluding HECMs.

3M17 Data (agency loan-level data)

12M16 Data (agency loan-level data)

12M16 Data (Single Family Snapshot data)

9M16 Data (agency loan-level data)

6M16 Data (agency loan-level data)

3M16 Data (agency loan-level data)

12M15 Data (agency loan-level data)

9M15 Data (agency loan-level data)

6M15 Data (agency loan-level data)

3M15 Data (Single Family Snapshot data)

2014 Data (agency loan-level data)

2013 Data (Single Family Snapshot data)

2012 Data (Single Family Snapshot data)

2011 Data (Single Family Snapshot data)

2010 Data (Single Family Snapshot data)

2009 Data (FHA)

2008 Data (FHA)

2006-2007 Data (FHA)

2005-2006 Data (FHA)

2002-2005 Data (FHA)

1999-2001 Data (FHA)

1996-1998 Data (FHA)

1993-1995 Data (FHA)

1990-1992 Data (FHA)

1987-1989 Data (FHA)

FHA Jumbo Lending by State

Data detailing the volume and market share of FHA mortgages over $417,000 (excluding HECMs) by state. Includes quarterly numbers and percent change between two most recent periods and between two most recent years.

2014 Data

2013 Data

2012 Data

2011 Data


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