Mortgages for Millennials

The millennial generation, roughly defined as those people born between 1981 and 1996, represents a large market (soon to be larger than the Baby Boomers) and, at 22 to 37 years old, one that is in the thick of prime first-time homebuying age. But they have a reputation for being short on funds due to student loan debt and even shorter on desire to own a home. And their shopping habitsóeven for something like a home loanóvary from previous generations.

In this guide, Mortgages for Millennials, Inside Mortgage Finance examines the outlook for the millennial mortgage market and offers some key tips for capturing market share within it.

The guide includes discussion about:

  • The impact of the financial crisis on millennial homebuying.
  • The role student debt plays.
  • Credit-score and downpayment perceptions.
  • Marketing strategies for drawing millennials.
  • Mortgage products that appeal to millennials.
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