Guide to Servicing Strategies and Mortgage Servicing Rights

Poor mortgage performance, new capital requirements and strong appetite for servicing from new players have combined to create a busy market for servicing rights with both more buyers and more sellers than in the past.

But it’s not a market that can be leapt into lightly. Increased enforcement of existing regulations together with new oversight from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau  have created risks that carry to shareholders, officers, directors and parent companies and often can spawn penalties that far outweigh any potential value of the MSRs. And the variety of possible sale structures and intricate agency approval processes contribute additional complexity to any transfer of servicing rights.

Inside Mortgage Finance’s Guide to Servicing Strategies and Mortgage Servicing Rights explores the pros and cons of servicing transfers from the vantage point of buyers as well as sellers. You’ll learn what to weigh as you consider whether to enter the market and what to watch for—both in your own organization and in those across the bargaining table from you—when you do. The guide also includes three valuable 1Q2016 data sets: top servicers, top agency MBS servicers, and bank/thrift MSR trends.

Partial Table of Contents:

MSR Overview

  • Risks of Owning MSRs

  • Liquidity Issues

  • Acknowledgement Agreements

  • Deal Structures

  • Excess Servicing-Fee Strips

  • Flow Servicing Sales

  • Bifurcation of Reps and Warrants

  • Tax Issues

  • Warehouse Lines of Credit

Issues for Buyers

  • Obtaining Agency Eligibility

  • Tips for Buyers

  • Hedging Considerations

Issues for Sellers

  • Risks Selling to Nontraditional Purchasers

  • Concerns About Approvals

Plus, the data section includes three data sets: Top Mortgage Servicers, Top Agency MBS Servicers, and Bank/Thrift MSR Trends.

Determine whether you belong in the MSR market and how best to approach it.

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