Guide to Non-Qualified Mortgages, 2nd Edition

As originations of conforming refinance mortgages decline, some industry insiders predict that, for retail lenders, not having non-QM products to offer will be a competitive disadvantage.

Industry players who’ve already embraced non-qualified mortgages and other nonprime lending are seeing positive results … and with the market predicted to grow to as much as $100 billion or more in annual originations, there is plenty of room for others to join them.

Explore whether originations of nonprime loans would be a good fit for your company, and gather insight and feedback from three of the largest players in the space in IMF’s Guide to Non-Qualified Mortgages.

Partial Table of Contents

Originations of Non-QMs

  • Potential Market Size
  • Origination Channels
  • Underwriting Issues
  • Alt A-Style Mortgages
  • Bank-Statement Loans
  • Loan Originator Compensation
  • Regulatory Issues
  • Non-QMs and TRID

Servicing Non-QMs

  • Loss Mitigation Efforts

The Secondary Market for Non-QMs

  • Strong Demand from Investors
  • Non-Agency MBS
  • Improved Pricing for Nonprime MBS
  • Nonprime MBS Issuance Expected to Increase
  • Banks Seen as Key for Non-QM MBS
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