Guide to Jumbo Lending and Non-Agency MBS, 4th Edition

Jumbo mortgages continue to comprise about one-fifth of first-lien originations. But currently few of these loans make their way into securities. Instead many are held by the originators, who see the value of the large loans’ good yield, strong performance and potential to open the relationship with affluent borrowers who are strong targets for other banking products. Those that do change hands are more likely to be sold as whole loans than to end up as part of a mortgage-backed security.

The slow securitization market has led most non-agency conduits to close up shop. And the value of holding the loans has inspired one megabank to have its cake and eat it too, securitizing parts of its agency-eligible jumbo portfolio to hand off the lower credit risk and improve its capital treatment.

In the Guide to Jumbo Lending and Non-Agency MBS, Inside Mortgage Finance looks at all aspects of the jumbo market, including data on originations, servicing and securitization, details about the changing conduit market, the effect of new disclosure regulation, the future outlook for jumbo securitization, deal agents and more.

The report includes the following topics:

  • Origination Trends
  • Portfolio Lending Strategies
  • MPF Direct Program
  • Contributors to Jumbo MBS
  • Non-Agency Jumbo MBS Characteristics
  • Conduits Closed as MBS Pricing Improved
  • Stronger Demand for Whole Loans at Times
  • Push and Pull Among Issuers and Investors
  • Jumbos, GSE-Eligible Loans in MBS from Chase
  • Hurdles for Non-Agency MBS from Banks
  • TRID Review Standards from SFIG
  • MBS Investors Protected from TRID Errors
  • Deal Agent Framework

See the full table of contents.

Includes This Data:

  • Top Non-Agency Jumbo Mortgage Producers: 6M16
  • Top Bank/Thrift First-Lien Residential Mortgage Portfolios: 2Q16
  • Top Jumbo Mortgage Servicers: 2Q16
  • Top Non-Agency Jumbo MBS Issuers: 6M16
  • Top Non-Agency Jumbo MBS Underwriters: 6M16
  • Top Originators of Securitized Jumbo Mortgages: 2015-6M16

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