Industry Studies

Guide to Mortgage Subservicing

The volume of outstanding mortgage loans serviced by a company other than the one that owns the servicing rights continues to grow, making up a significant percentage of all home mortgages in the U.S. In this guide, Inside Mortgage Finance examines what types of companies would benefit from using a subservicer, how to select one and set up the relationship, and steps an MSR owner must take to maintain a successful and compliant subservicing situation. (2018)

Mortgages for Millennials

The millennial generation is about to become the biggest ever—and its members are in the peak of prime first-time homebuying age. In this guide, Inside Mortgage Finance examines the outlook for the millennial mortgage market and offers some key tips for capturing market share within it. (2018)

Guide to Digital Mortgages

Explore the reasons to pursue a digital process, the best ways to get started and the obstacles to be on the watch for in Inside Mortgage Finance’s Guide to Digital Mortgages. The guide incorporates advice from lenders, lawyers, technology vendors and secondary market participants who are deeply involved in digital mortgage issues. (2017)

Guide to Non-Qualified Mortgages, 2nd edition

Inside Mortgage Finance examines the state of the nonprime market and gets insight and feedback from three of the largest players in the space. (2016)

Guide to Jumbo Lending and Non-Agency MBS, 4th edition

Inside Mortgage Finance looks at all aspects of the jumbo market, including data on originations, servicing and securitization, details about the changing conduit market, the effect of new disclosure regulation, the future outlook for jumbo securitization, deal agents and more. (2016)

Guide to Mortgage Originations Channel Strategies

This report looks at how lenders evaluate channel options to choose the mix that is right for their business. It also looks at additional decisions that must be made as one enters into new channels. The report covers the strengths and weaknesses of each channel, including exclusive insight from officials at some of the biggest lenders in each channel. The report also includes data on each of the origination channels, tracking trends in production along with ranking the top originators in each channel. (2015)

Guide to Servicing Strategies and Mortgage Servicing Rights

Delve into the pros and cons of servicing transfers from the vantage point of buyers as well as sellers. You’ll learn what to weigh as you consider whether to enter the market and what to watch for—both in your own organization and in those across the bargaining table from you—when you do. The guide also includes valuable data sets on top servicers, top agency MBS servicers, and bank/thrift MSR trends. (2014)


Do mortgage lenders really need a new credit-scoring model or is the current FICO system adequate?

It’s fine. Stick with what works.


Time for a change. Borrowers are different today.


Undecided, still assessing the situation.