Top Mortgage Players 3Q13

As the mortgage market continues to find its post-crisis footing, some niches are regaining lost ground and some new players are taking on a bigger role.

The top 25 producers, who accounted at one point in 2008 for more than 90 percent of originations, made up just two-thirds of the market in 3Q13. The retail channel is producing a larger percentage of loans than at almost any previous time, responsible in 3Q for three of every five loans made. (But, when it comes to making purchase-money loans, correspondents are an important source.) 

Jumbo originations increased at the same time that government and conventional-conforming loans took large dives. Most of the jumbo growth came from the non-agency side. 

In the servicing sector, the big banks did continue to dominate. But nonbank servicers maintained their upward trend line, taking an increasing share of the business. And while all insurance coverage dropped in the face of flagging originations, private mortgage insurance tumbled less than government coverage to become the primary source of MI for the first time since the mortgage crisis.

Dig deeper into the changes of the third quarter—and get all the details about the top players in each of these sectors—in Top Mortgage Players.

In this quarterly report, Inside Mortgage Finance gathers its gold-standard reporting and analysis of the mortgage industry’s sector leaders into one resource so that you’ll have the latest market intelligence on the full breadth of the mortgage business.

Use the charts and accompanying perspective in the Top Mortgage Players report to learn who the market leaders are in the mortgage industry’s most important niches, how their business has changed from the previous quarter, and how secure (or how tenuous) their positions are. You’ll also have market-level data that show you how each sector is performing.

The charts in Top Mortgage Players bring you the quarterly numbers for 

  • Top Mortgage Originators                 

  • Mortgage Origination Indicators

  • Originations by Production Channel

  • Top Retail Originators

  • Top Wholesale Channels

  • Top Correspondent Channels

  • Top Broker Channels

  • Top Seller/Servicer GSE Production by Channel

  • Top Lender Channel/Loan Purpose Detail

  • Top Refinance Mortgage Producers

  • Top Purchase Mortgage Producers

  • Top Agency Refinance Sellers

  • Top Agency Purchase Mortgage Sellers

  • Mortgage Originations by Product

  • Top Conventional Conforming Producers

  • Top Government-Insured Producers

  • Top Mortgage Servicers

  • Primary Mortgage Insurance Activity

  • Traditional Private MI New Insurance Written

Accompanying data analysis help you put the numbers in perspective.

Use this quarterly report to

  • Monitor the market sectors you’re currently conducting business in.

  • Evaluate competition in sectors you’re considering expanding to.

  • Research potential partners or clients. 


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