Defusing Fair Lending Risk and the HMDA Data Expansion

Recorded December 10, 2014

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the Department of Justice and other regulators have stepped up their pursuit of fair lending violation, bringing more than a dozen actions and levying hundreds of millions of dollars in fines. And now the CFPB has proposed significantly expanding the data it collects under the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, one of the primary tools used for sniffing out possible fair lending cases.

The CFPB’s HMDA proposal would greatly expand the amount of data, number of reporters and risk associated with this crucial fair lending investigation tool. It would nearly double the data points that must be provided, including much more underwriting detail. It would expand the types of loans covered, adding reverse mortgages and home-equity lines of credit. It would require more reporting by nonbanks as any lender making 25 or more loans per year would have to file. And it would increase the frequency of reporting for the largest lenders, requiring them to file quarterly rather than annually.

If you add in the expanded HMDA data collection and increased regulatory scrutiny to an already tight mortgage underwriting environment, the risk of running afoul of fair lending laws has never been greater. Listen to "Defusing Fair Lending Risk and the HMDA Data Expansion" and learn what you can do to manage your fair lending risk.

You’ll hear from:

  • Melanie Brody, Partner, K&L Gates
  • Marsha Courchane, Vice President and Practice Leader, Charles River Associates
  • R. Colgate Selden, Counsel, Alston & Bird
  • Warren Traiger, Counsel, BuckleySandler

Among the topics covered:

  • What do recent fair lending actions tell you about your potential risk?
  • How is the HMDA data expansion likely to affect fair lending enforcement?
  • What data analysis should you be conducting on your own?
  • What data should you be looking at beyond what is required for HMDA reporting?
  • Should you also be monitoring for fair lending issues in your servicing business?

Know your fair lending exposure and how to limit it.

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