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An Inside Mortgage Finance Audio Conference
Held Thursday, April 23, 2009

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Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have been tapped by the government to help millions of homeowners refinance or modify their mortgages this year. Find out exactly how the GSEs’ new loan modification and refinance programs will work at a must-listen audio conference from Inside Mortgage Finance. Hear directly from top Fannie and Freddie officials on the ins and outs of the two new programs.

The Obama administration has carved out a major role for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in its new Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan. Specifically, the two GSEs have been directed to encourage loan modifications for distressed homeowners and, separately, to permit streamlined refinancing for current GSE borrowers who have little or no equity in their homes.

Both Fannie and Freddie are moving quickly to implement the two new initiatives, but are taking somewhat different approaches when it comes to risk-based pricing, appraisals, underwriting processes and more. Find out which borrowers and which loans will and won’t qualify for the two new GSE plans. Get all the details and guidance on how to use these significant new programs.

These Experts Share Their Insights and Answer Questions:

  • Dave Worrall, VP Operations, Single-Family National Servicing Organization, Fannie Mae;
  • Jef Kinney, VP Business Analysis, Fannie Mae;
  • Patricia McClung, VP Single Family Sourcing, Freddie Mac;
  • Robert R. Padgett, Managing Director of Non-Performing Loans, Freddie Mac;
  • Guy Cecala, Publisher, Inside Mortgage Finance, will moderate.

Listen to This Audio Conference and Learn About:

  • Differences between the two GSE refinance and loan modification programs;
  • Incentives for servicers and borrowers;
  • Working with mortgage insurance companies;
  • Property valuation policies and appraisal standards;
  • Credit scores and documentation;
  • Underwriting processes including the option of using Fannie’s Desktop Underwriter;
  • Loan-to-value ratios and net present value;
  • How onerous the cost of reducing borrowers’ DTI will be;
  • How quickly the new plan can gain traction;
  • Loan-level pricing adjustments and post-settlement delivery fees;
  • Which borrowers will benefit most; and
  • Other key details of the new GSE refinance and loan modification programs.

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