Brandon Ivey

Senior Editor, Inside Nonconforming Markets

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More Banks Expected to Join Chase and Flagstar in Issuing Jumbo MBS
July 26, 2017 It looks like Flagstar won't be the only bank to issue jumbo mortgage-backed securities.

Wells Looking to Amp Up Interest-Only Mortgages for Jumbo Borrowers
July 26, 2017 Wells looks to up its originations by boosting IO jumbos.

Redwood Taps First Republic, Quicken for Jumbos
July 26, 2017 Only two lenders have consistently provided more than 5.0 percent of the dollar volume in jumbo MBS Redwood has issued this...

New Legal Settlement Will Prove Costly to Ocwen
July 21, 2017 However, the legal settlement likely will ding sector quarter earnings by $34 millon to $36 million…

Fixed-Rate Loans Dominate Non-Agency MBS
July 21, 2017 By comparison, ARMs accounted for less than 1.0 percent of total prime non-agency MBS issued in the first quarter.

After a Lull in Issuance, Strong Demand for New SFR MBS Deals
July 21, 2017 In a somewhat uncommon move, Progress increased a planned issuance after presale reports on the deal were already published.

Short Takes: About that FHA Premium Cut Idea… / Private Money, Not Government Money / 175 Basis Points / MPF Program Turns 20 / Fortress Buys Lender to RE Investors
July 21, 2017 The USMI said in statement that cutting FHA premiums right now is “neither necessary nor prudent at this time...."

Invictus Packages a Variety of Mortgages into Nonprime MBS; Greenbox the Top Contributor
July 20, 2017 GreenBox was the top contributor to the new nonprime MBS with Sprout Mortgage a close second…

PIMCO: Non-Agency Changes Needed Before GSE Reform
July 19, 2017 Over the past two years PIMCO has been a major buyer of nonprime/non-QM whole loans in the secondary market…

Short Takes: A Bulk MSR Deal from MountainView / Proposed HUD Lender Fee Is Cut From Spending Measure / Invictus Readies Nonprime MBS Deal / A Promotion at loanDepot
July 19, 2017 Another nonprime MBS deal is ready to hit the market, this one from Invictus Capital Partners...


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