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MBS Market Plugging Along, Banks and Overseas Buyers Top Investors in 2Q17
September 22, 2017 Commercial banks were one of the most active buyers of residential MBS during the April-June cycle...

Don’t Look Now but Depositories are Making Modest Gains in Lending Market Share
September 21, 2017 It marked the third straight quarter in which depositories raised their share among the top-100 mortgage originators.

Agency-Jumbo Production Sagged in 2Q17 While Non-Agency Sector Kept Growing
September 14, 2017 But the non-agency jumbo market saw a healthy 18.6 percent increase in originations…

Mortgage Securitization Rate Sinks in 2Q17
September 14, 2017 Roughly 27.3 percent of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae loans pooled in securities in the first half of 2017 were a...

On a Roll: Fourth Consecutive Monthly Gain for GSE MBS Issuance
September 12, 2017 Fannie and Freddie lost some market share during the second quarter, according to preliminary figures compiled by Inside The...

Large Banks Still Backing Away From Mortgage Servicing
September 11, 2017 On a combined basis, the three largest bank servicers reported a $45.06 billion reduction in their servicing for others.

Agency MBS Issuance Up Again in August as Refi Business Shows Renewed Strength
September 8, 2017 The agencies saw an 8.6 percent increase in refi volume from July to August, roughly triple the growth rate of the...

Purchase-Mortgage Blowout: 2Q17 Highest Volume Since 3Q06
September 7, 2017 Purchase loans accounted for 67.5 percent of the estimated $455.0 billion in first-lien mortgage originations during the...

Agency-Backed CMO Production Slumped in 2Q17
September 1, 2017 Wells Fargo’s CMO business was down 36.7 percent from the first half of 2016…

Short Takes: Navy Federal Would Like to Purchase Servicing Rights / An MSR Offering from Prestwick / Fed Okays Sterling’s Purchase of Astoria / A Clarification / New Hires for Castle & Cooke
August 31, 2017 The Fed just greenlighted a bank M&A deal...


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