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Bank Holdings of ABS Increase Slightly in First Quarter
May 25, 2018 Commercial banks and savings institutions held $113.75 billion of non-mortgage asset-backed securities...

Short Takes: FHFA Punts on MI Volume Discounts / Fannie Considering an IMAGIN of its Own / Home Sales Decline / Refi Business Worse than 2014?
May 25, 2018 A senior FHFA official said disputes over private mortgage-insurance pricing likely fall under the jurisdiction of state...

Correspondent Channel Gains Market Share as Originations Decline
May 24, 2018 The correspondent channel accounted for 32.9 percent of total first-lien originations, up from a 32.4 percent share the...

Mortgage Production Was a Net Loss in 1Q18 as Competition Takes a Toll
May 22, 2018 Respondents to the Mortgage Bankers Association's quarterly mortgage banking performance survey reported, in aggregate, a...

FVA, VA Lending Down in First Quarter with Some Variations in Refi Business
May 22, 2018 Most of the decline in FHA business was in purchase-mortgage lending while VA business took a hit due to reductions in the...

Treasury Official Sees Major Impact from Single Security
May 21, 2018 A key Treasury Department official suggested that issuers of non-agency MBS may someday participate in the common...

Banking Industry Pulled Back from Residential MBS Market in 1Q18
May 18, 2018 After an extended period of steady growth in its investment in the residential MBS market, the banking industry changed course...

Major Loan Products Saw Huge Production Decline in 1Q
May 17, 2018 Residential mortgage lending was down in the first quarter of 2018 in every category, and by roughly similar degrees,...

GSE Credit Window for Purchase Loans Opened Slightly in 1Q18
May 14, 2018 In the first quarter, 12.61 percent of purchase loans sold to the GSEs fell into the highest risk categoryÖ

Secondary Market Activity Strong in 2017
May 14, 2018 Originators also sold $483.13 billion of loans to unaffiliated buyers outside of the agency marketÖ


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