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Caliber Home Loans Unveils Unique Financing Backed by Ginnie MSRs
May 18, 2018 Caliber Home Loans has announced pricing of a uniquely structured private offering of secured term notes backed by Ginnie Mae...

M&A Market Heats Up, Union Home Buys Arizona Lender
May 16, 2018 UHM has roughly 130 retail branches across 36 licensed statesÖ

Short Takes: Time to Change the QM Rule? / Bright Tapped to Head Ginnie / MSR Sellers Sitting Pretty? / After the RecessionÖ / Applications Decline Again / NARís Chief Lobbyist Sets Retirement Date
May 16, 2018 Residential firms looking to sell mortgage servicing rights are in a sweet spot right now. However...

As Originations Slow, Warehouse Providers Face Tight Profit Margins, Riskier Credits
May 15, 2018 According to a tally by Inside Mortgage Finance, few warehouse providers bucked the trend of falling commitments.

GSE Share Prices Weaken; KBW: Risk-Sharing Deals Hurt Profits
May 15, 2018 KBR points out that risk-sharing results in premiums being shifted away from Fannie and Freddie to providers of credit risk...

Short Takes: USMI Seconds that GSE Emotion / Donít Hold Your Breath / Mid America Enters the Warehouse Arena / Fannie Selling NPLs / A Recession Coming? / Freddie Gets a New Chief Compliance Officer
May 15, 2018 Barry Habib, who heads MBS Highway, believe that within two years, the U.S. will be in a recession...

Coming Uniform MBS Could Have Side Effects for Fannie Mae
May 15, 2018 Fannie disclosed the single-security ďmay adversely affect our financial results and contribute to declines in the liquidity...

HomeStreet Contemplates Selling a $5 Billion Package of Servicing Rights
May 15, 2018 HomeStreet restructured its mortgage business last yearÖ

Nationstar Discloses SEC Inquiry Regarding MSR Measurements
May 14, 2018 The OCA consultation process was initiated in connection with an investigation by the Division of Enforcement that remains...

Phoenix Ready to Auction MSR Flow Package
May 14, 2018 Much of the product is projected to come from California, Florida and Texas.


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