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MBS Trading Falters Slightly but Strong Overall
March 22, 2019 One fact is certain: January and February were not good months for the production of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae...

What We’re Hearing: Goldman Sachs is Doing What? / A Wall Street Warm Up? / 10.75% Money for Freedom Mortgage / A Grade of B+ / The Green New Deal a More Important Issue than Calabria? / CoreLogic Executive Lands Top Post at Fannie Mae
March 22, 2019 In the Senate, the 'Green New Deal' is more important than Mark Calabria?

It’s Official: Freddie Names Dave Brickman CEO, Succeeding Layton. As for His Salary…
March 21, 2019 Thanks to meddling by Congress, several top executives at the GSEs earn more than the CEO...

Trade Group Goes to Bat for Higher Wages at Ginnie Mae. But There’s a Reason Behind It
March 21, 2019 It’s impossible to tell how much the Ginnie Mae president earns because that position has been vacant since early 2017…

Short Takes: The Supremes Rule on Foreclosures and the FDCPA / It’s Good to be King, Unless You’re the CEO of Freddie Mac / Angel Oak Bolsters Office Space Big Time / Tennessee Bank Looking for Non-QM Loans / Two New Directors for Fannie / Correction: Freddie CEO, Not Fannie
March 21, 2019 Based on Freddie’s annual profits, CEO Don Layton is probably one of the two most underpaid bosses in the world of finance....

VA-Based Nonbank Scuttles Merger with Congressional Bank
March 20, 2019 Congressional has seven branches and $949.7 million in assets. It earns roughly $16 million a year.

Short Takes: Getting the Industry’s Pulse on GSE Reform / Who Gets to Lead? / Why Phillips Didn’t Get the FHFA Job / The Battle for Risk / Selling Shares in Invitation Homes / Radian Names Dave Stevens to Its Board
March 20, 2019 Who knows more about GSE reform: the White House or Treasury? We get a sense the two parties don't see eye to eye on...

JPM Pondering Non-QM Finance Opportunities?
March 20, 2019 “They’ve approached a few lenders,” he said, “and have some others to see.”

After a Trying 1Q19, Industry Hopes for Better Days Ahead
March 19, 2019 After trying times in January and February, March was somewhat better and the much ballyhooed spring home buying season should...

Prestwick Offers Up Fannie Mae MSR Portfolio on Behalf of Michigan Bank
March 19, 2019 The servicing package has an average FICO score of 740 and delinquencies of 1.94%.


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