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IMFnews - July 21, 2017

What We’re Hearing: A Good Quarter for Angel Oak, MBS Plans for Citadel / Sprout Sprouting? / Freddie About to Make Splash in SFR Market? / Trump, the Russians (Soviets) and a Housing Solution? / Not-Happy Birthday: Dodd-Frank Turns Seven

By Paul Muolo

A housing crisis in America? Maybe the Russians can help...

Solid Gains for Non-Mortgage ABS in 2Q17 – Thanks, in Part, to Pizza

By John Bancroft

A lot of the ABS oomph came from the $2.08 billion whole-business securitization by Domino’s Pizza...

CFPB Proposes ‘Substantive’ Changes to its Mortgage Servicing Rule

By Thomas Ressler

The good news for the industry here is that the CFPB is, once again, responding to the concerns of market participants…

In Senate Hearing, Community Lenders Fight for Secondary Market Access, the ‘Cash Window’

By Carisa Chappell

At a GSE reform hearing, Sen. Mike Crapo, R-ID, chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, called small lenders “fixtures in their communities...”

New Legal Settlement Will Prove Costly to Ocwen

By Brandon Ivey

However, the legal settlement likely will ding sector quarter earnings by $34 millon to $36 million…


Who should make the ultimate decision in resolving the future of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?

I wish we had another option, but we don’t.

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