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IMFnews - March 16, 2018

What We’re Hearing: Another GSE MI Pilot on the Way / Arch Gets High Marks for Looking to the Future / Pam Patenaude for HUD Secretary? / The Mortgage Profit Blues / The Candidates to Succeed Dave Stevens are…

By Paul Muolo

Already, there’s speculation that Trump would tap Deputy HUD secretary Pam Patenaude to replace Carson...

Investor Demand Sturdy Enough to Absorb Slight Growth in Agency Single-Family MBS

By John Bancroft

The fastest-growing program continued to be Ginnie Mae MBS, which shot up 8.2 percent for the year…

Industry Awaits Rep. Hensarling’s GSE Reform Plan (Amid Yawns)

By Paul Muolo

Hensarling is chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, which means any Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac reform bill must first go through his panel, whether he’s the author or not.

BRAWL, With a Little Help from Its Friends

By Brandon Ivey

BRAWL has worked with the marketing teams at a number of wholesale lenders...

Finding an Alternative to Existing Fannie/Freddie Credit Score Policies is Not Getting Any Simpler

By Carisa Chappell

The Urban Institute argues the FHFA’s thinking on alternative credit scores doesn’t go far enough…

PIMCO Hungry for Reperforming Loans

By Paul Muolo

PIMCO might be hungry for RPLs but inventory is declining…


What’s your opinion on how Mick Mulvaney has managed the CFPB since he took over three months ago?

He’s done a good job of paring back the agency’s excesses and we’d like to see more.
I hope he totally dismantles the agency and sends those functions back to the agencies hence they came.
Not bad, but he needs to take his time making additional changes.
We’re totally aghast. He’s gone way too far in protecting the rights of companies not consumers!

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