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IMFnews - May 26, 2017

What We’re Hearing: Don’t Bet on Court Outcomes / Randy May Want to Wait on the Curtains / No President, No Cry / About that $627 Million… / What About a Partial Capital Cushion for the GSEs? / A Busy Week for Incenter, Phoenix

By Paul Muolo

If Trump is successful, presumably the money would flow through to the bottom line of Fannie and Freddie and counted toward earnings.

Depositories Increased Their MBS Holdings in 1Q17 – With a Boost from Large Thrifts

By John Bancroft

Much of the growth in MBS investments came from two large thrifts: Charles Schwab Bank and E*Trade Bank…

A Unique Deal from Credit Suisse: A Non-Agency MBS Backed by Seasoned FHA Mortgages

By Brandon Ivey

Credit Suisse was a major issuer of post-crisis jumbo MBS, but hasn’t come to market with a jumbo deal since the fourth quarter of 2015.

In the Mortgage M&A Game, Small and Medium-Sized Shops are Targets

By Paul Muolo

In years past, RPM has been a selective buyer of mostly smaller shops.

CFPB to Assess Effectiveness of the ATR/QM Rule

By Thomas Ressler

To assess the effectiveness of the rule in meeting the agency’s goals, the CFPB will examine the impact of major provisions of the measure on a set of consumer outcomes, including mortgage costs…


Should any GSE reform bill from Congress be based on the concept of preserving Fannie Mae and Mac and their existing operations?

GSE reform won’t happen in my life time.

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