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IMFnews - September 21, 2017

Don’t Look Now but Depositories are Making Modest Gains in Lending Market Share

By John Bancroft

It marked the third straight quarter in which depositories raised their share among the top-100 mortgage originators.

Finance of America Enters the Correspondent Channel, Focusing on CUs and Community Banks

By Paul Muolo

Finance of America’s backers include The Blackstone Group…

Why Should Lenders Go ‘Digital’? Because That’s Where the Customers Are

By Thomas Ressler

“Everybody’s going online to shop for most of their products, and mortgages are starting to happen the same way,” said Tim Anderson, director of eServices for DocMagic, during an Inside Mortgage Finance webinar…

CFPB Modifies ‘Equal Credit’ Regs, Giving Lenders Additional Flexibility

By Thomas Ressler

Originators will not have to maintain different practices based on their loan volume…

Underwater Mortgages Steadily Drying Up

By Sherry Muolo

The average gain in equity clocked in at $12,987 for homeowners.

Short Takes: Waiting on a Wider Credit Box / A 30 Percent Jump for Nonconforming / 5,000 Active Loan Brokers for UWM / Don’t Count on Another Refi Boom Quite Yet / A New Hire for Altisource

By Paul Muolo, Brandon Ivey

Another refi spurt in the works? It may’ve looked that way a few weeks ago, but...

15 Groups Tell Treasury and FHFA: Legislation to Reform the GSEs, Not Some Recap Plan

By Paul Muolo

The signors add: “We … believe the debate over recapitalizing a broken system distracts from the critical structural issues that Congress must address to ensure that the federally supported secondary market serves key, bipartisan objectives.”


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