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IMFnews - March 22, 2019

What We’re Hearing: Goldman Sachs is Doing What? / A Wall Street Warm Up? / 10.75% Money for Freedom Mortgage / A Grade of B+ / The Green New Deal a More Important Issue than Calabria? / CoreLogic Executive Lands Top Post at Fannie Mae

By Paul Muolo

In the Senate, the 'Green New Deal' is more important than Mark Calabria?

Guess What? The Federal Reserve is No Longer No. 1 in MBS Holdings

By John Bancroft

The Federal Reserve's MBS leakage began in 2017…

Surprise: Goldman Sachs Aggregating Jumbos and Conforming Loans for Non-Agency MBS

By Brandon Ivey

Goldman hasn’t been active in the prime non-agency MBS market except for a one-off deal in 2014.

CFPB Makes Changes to Advisory Boards, Reversing Decisions Made by Mulvaney

By Yemeng Yang

The bureau plans to extend the terms of half the current members in order to achieve the staggered terms and ensure continuity.

FHA Lenders Can Opt for Third-Party Verification

By George Brooks

The new guidance applies to all FHA forward mortgages and HECMs…

MBS Trading Falters Slightly but Strong Overall

By Paul Muolo

One fact is certain: January and February were not good months for the production of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae securities.


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