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January 16, 2017 - Inside the CFPB

CFPB Defenders Urge Trump White House to Keep Cordray at Helm

With the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States now just days away, anxiety among defenders of the CFPB that its director, Richard Cordray, may be booted is intensifying, prompting some of his more vocal supporters to make impassioned public pleas to defend him and preserve the agency he heads. Up on Capitol Hill, Democrats on the House Financial Services Committee urged the new president to “reject the Wall Street agenda” and not remove Cordray from his post. “Any attempts to remove Director Cordray from his position are without historical precedent, and intended solely to distract the director and the bureau from its important work protecting servicemembers, students and other borrowers from financial predation,” the ...

January 16, 2017 - Inside the CFPB

Trump Administration Signals Intention to Sack CFPB’s Cordray

Is this the last week on the job for CFPB Director Richard Cordray? Speculation is suddenly growing fast and furiously that the director’s time is about over, that President-elect Trump will use his signature line from his Apprentice television show, “you’re fired” shortly after he is inaugurated on Jan. 20, 2017. What took this once-peripheral issue abruptly into overdrive are press reports that retired U.S. Congressman Randy Neugebauer, R-TX, met with the president elect at Trump Tower in New York City last week to discuss becoming the new head of the CFPB. Neugebauer, the former chairman of the House Financial Services Committee’s Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit Subcommittee, reportedly has not been offered the job, as of press time, and ...

January 13, 2017 - Inside The GSEs

IG: FHFA Should Better Manage Nonbank Servicer Risks

A recent audit showed that the Federal Housing Finance Agency needs to do a better job at managing nonbank risks such as mortgage servicing transfers. In response, the FHFA said it will finalize a risk-based proposal to examine how well the GSEs manage that and other risks by the end of this month. The FHFA’s Inspector General said that the agency has not made sure that both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are tackling potential risks. The IG noted that out of three advisory bulletins issued that addressed nonbank servicer risk, one of the GSEs only complied with one of the bulletins.The heavily redacted report doesn’t mention which GSE failed to comply with the bulletins, but a...

January 13, 2017 - Inside The GSEs

Treasury Dept. Talks Housing Progress and New Goals

As the guard prepares to change in a week, Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew said in an exit memo released last week that only legislation can comprehensively address “the ongoing shortcomings of the housing finance system.” In the memo, Lew documents the Treasury’s progress over the last eight years and outlines his goals for the future of the department. He said that fixing the housing finance system remains the major unfinished piece of work of post-financial crisis reform. While he said the housing market has improved, Lew acknowledged that many homeowners and neighborhoods continue to struggle. “A starting point for such legislation should be the principles President Obama laid out in 2013, which stressed a clearly-defined role for the...

January 2, 2017 - Inside the CFPB

CFPB Fair Lending Priorities Include Redlining, Servicing

Mortgage-related issues will be a big component of the CFPB’s fair lending priorities for 2017, the bureau indicated in an online blog post late last year. Among the issues for the mortgage industry are redlining and servicing. “While the bureau has taken important strides in our efforts to protect consumers from credit discrimination and broaden access to credit, we continue to identify new and emerging fair lending risks and we will monitor institutions for compliance,” said Patrice Ficklin, associate director of the CFPB’s Office of Fair Lending. Going forward, then, the bureau is increasing its focus in three key areas, the first of which is redlining. “We will continue to evaluate whether lenders have intentionally avoided lending in minority neighborhoods,” ...

January 2, 2017 - Inside the CFPB

Banks, CUs Urge Changing CFPB to a Commission Structure

A handful of industry groups representing banks and credit unions wrote to Senate leaders recently, making the case for switching the leadership structure of the CFPB from a single director to a multi-member commission, which was how the bureau was initially envisioned by early advocates such as Elizabeth Warren, then an adviser to President Obama. In a letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-KY, and Minority Leader-elect Chuck Schumer, D-NY, the Consumer Bankers Association, the Credit Union National Association, the Independent Community Bankers of America, and the National Association of Federal Credit Unions urged lawmakers to pass legislation to create a five-person, bipartisan board to govern the bureau. “The CFPB is an independent regulatory agency that provides the sole ...

December 22, 2016 - Inside The GSEs

FHFA Needs Stronger Supervisory Standards, Says the OIG

The Federal Housing Finance Agency came up short when it comes to supervising the GSEs to ensure a “safe and sound operation,” according to a Federal Housing Finance Agency Office of Inspector General report released late last week. The IG also suggested that the FHFA follow the lead of other federal financial regulators with stronger supervisory standards including the Federal Reserve System and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. “Among our findings was that FHFA had difficulty completing its planned targeted examinations over four supervisory cycles from 2012 through 2015 and that the number of targeted examinations planned and completed during each supervisory cycle has fallen since 2012 for Freddie Mac and has diminished significantly for Fannie Mae,” said the IG.


HUD has announced a 25 basis point cut in FHA premiums, which is slated to take effect in late January. Is your lending shop for or against a cut in FHA premiums?

For. It should help lending volumes.
Against. The private MI sector should take on this risk, not the government.
Too early to say.
I believe the new White House may scuttle the idea so it doesn’t matter.

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