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January 18, 2017 - IMFnews

Short Takes: Time to Worry About ‘Deferred Tax Assets’? / Good News or Bad News? / A ‘Conceptual Exercise’ / Sen. Elizabeth Warren Won’t be in Attendance / New PAC Chief for MBA

One mortgage insurance lobbyist, when informed of the possibility, called it “great news” while two lenders we interviewed said it was an awful development…

January 18, 2017 - IMFnews

Deutsche Bank’s $7.2 Billion Settlement with DOJ the Largest Residential MBS Action Against a Single Entity

DB was faulted for failing to disclose second liens on mortgages in MBS and for concealing refreshed credit scores that were worse that the credit scores disclosed to investors.

January 18, 2017 - IMFnews

Trump May Ice the FHA MIP Cut, At Least for Now

One industry source noted: “On January 20, President Trump will be issuing an executive order that freezes all past actions over a certain period of time. The FHA premium reduction gets swept into this.”

January 16, 2017 - Inside the CFPB

State Roundup

NY Acts to Hold Banks and Mortgage Servicers Accountable for Maintaining “Zombie Properties.” The New York Department of Financial Services recently finalized a regulation intended to protect communities from the blight of “zombie properties” by requiring banks and mortgage servicers to report and maintain vacant and abandoned properties.... Mortgage Servicers Face New Licensing Requirement in Kentucky. The Kentucky Department of Financial Institutions has decided to require both master servicers and subservicers to obtain a license as a mortgage loan company with the KDFI if the loans being serviced are secured by residential real property located in the state....

January 16, 2017 - Inside the CFPB

Other News in Brief

Trump Administration Staffs up Bureau ‘Landing Team.’ The transition team of the incoming administration of President-elect Trump recently announced the members of its CFPB “landing team,” one of whom is Paul Atkins, currently CEO of Patomak Global Partners, a consulting firm. Atkins is a former commissioner at the Securities and Exchange Commission.... House, Senate Re-tool for 115th Congress. Congressional leaders have updated their committee and subcommittee leadership assignments for a new Congress that promises to put more heat than ever on the CFPB, now that a Republican will occupy the White House for the first time since the passage of the Dodd-Frank Act and the establishment of the bureau....

January 16, 2017 - Inside the CFPB

CFPB News in Brief

Bureau Mulling Possible Changes to HMDA Resubmission Guidelines. It’s been roughly one year since the CFPB issued a request for information regarding Home Mortgage Disclosure Act resubmission guidelines, and the bureau has yet to decide which way to proceed. The agency received 31 comments in response to the RFI, which was published Jan. 12, 2016, in the Federal Register. Commenters included HMDA reporters, industry trade groups, and consumer groups.... Revisions to Interagency Compliance Rating System Still Pending. The CFPB and the other members of the FFIEC continue to review public comments on their April 29, 2016, proposal to revise the existing Uniform Interagency Consumer Compliance Rating System to reflect regulatory, supervisory, technological, and market changes since the system was established....

January 16, 2017 - Inside the CFPB

Mortgage Complaints Keep Falling as Market Continues to Heal

Empirical evidence of the mortgage market’s recovery is still piling up, with the latest quarterly consumer complaint data from the CFPB showing that gripes about home loans fell in most categories tracked, both on a quarterly basis and year over year, according to a new analysis and ranking by Inside the CFPB. Consumer criticisms in the fourth quarter fell a solid 15.0 percent from the period ending Sept. 30, 2016. Finger pointing by borrowers fell on a YOY basis as well, but by a smaller 4.5 percent, the data show. With fewer and fewer borrowers underwater or in foreclosure these days, it should be no surprise that complaints about loan modification are down the most [With three exclusive data charts] ...

January 16, 2017 - Inside the CFPB

Justice Dept. Settles Redlining Allegations With Two Ohio Banks

The U.S. Department of Justice recently reached a settlement with two jointly owned but independently operated banks in Ohio, Union Savings Bank and Guardian Savings Bank, resolving allegations that the pair engaged in a pattern or practice of redlining predominantly African-American neighborhoods in and around the Ohio cities of Cincinnati, Columbus and Dayton, as well as in Indianapolis. According to the government’s complaint, Union (with $2.7 billion in assets and 29 branches) and Guardian (with $861 million in assets and 11 branches) violated the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, which prohibit financial institutions from discriminating on the basis of race and color in their mortgage lending practices. The Justice Department alleges that, from at least 2010 ...

January 16, 2017 - Inside the CFPB

HSBC Slammed With $33 Million Fine Over Flawed Foreclosures

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency recently fined HSBC $32.5 million for failure to correct faulty foreclosure practices in a timely manner as per a consent order originally issued back in 2011 to correct practices that harmed borrowers in the wake of the housing market’s collapse. The OCC also said the institution failed to file payment change notices (PCN) that complied with bankruptcy rules, which resulted in roughly $3.5 million in borrower remediation for approximately 1,700 mortgage loan accounts. “The bank’s untimely and missed PCN filing practices did not comply with bankruptcy rules, required the bank to undertake operational enhancements to achieve compliance, and were unsafe and unsound practices,” according to the consent order. The bank neither admitted ...

January 16, 2017 - Inside the CFPB

ABA Calls for CFPB Reform, Expanded Qualified Mortgage

The American Bankers Association sent a letter to the leaders of Congress recently, urging adoption of a bipartisan regulatory relief package that would provide unspecified reform of the CFPB and address an expanded definition of a qualified mortgage. When it comes to the bureau, the ABA urged sensible regulation by restoring “balance to the regulatory process, including Consumer Financial Protection Bureau reform,” and by focusing on promoting both economic growth and safety and soundness. On the QM point, the organization asked lawmakers to “reform mortgage regulations that have raised costs and prevented banks from flexibly serving their customers without enhancing consumer protections or safety and soundness. Most crucially, deeming loans held in portfolio as qualified mortgages will expand safe and ...

January 16, 2017 - Inside the CFPB

PHH Corp. May Have an Ally In Case Against CFPB

While many in the mortgage industry wait for the District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals to decide whether to rehear the arguments of the CFPB in its wrangling with PHH, the plaintiffs in State National Bank of Big Spring, Texas, et al. v. Lew, et al. have stepped back onto the legal stage at the district court level. Specifically, “Plaintiffs respectfully move [the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia] to hold a status conference at its earliest convenience to determine how this case ... can be most efficiently adjudicated in light of the CFPB’s petition for en banc review of the panel decision in PHH Corp. v. CFPB,” State National Bank and its parties asked the appeals ...

January 16, 2017 - Inside the CFPB

Appeals Court Grants PHH’s Request to Respond to USSG

Late last week, the District of Columbia Court of Appeals disregarded the objections of the CFPB and gave PHH Corp. permission to respond to the federal government’s arguments in support of en banc review of the court’s earlier three-judge panel decision.“Upon consideration of petitioners’ motion for leave to file a supplemental response to petition for rehearing en banc, the opposition thereto, and the reply, it is ordered that the motion be granted,” 11 of the 12 judges wrote in an order issued Jan. 13. PHH’s supplemental response is due Jan. 27, 2017, and is not to exceed 15 pages. Back in October, the three Republican appointees ruled that the CFPB’s leadership structure involving a single director who can be ...

January 16, 2017 - Inside the CFPB

CFPB Defenders Urge Trump White House to Keep Cordray at Helm

With the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States now just days away, anxiety among defenders of the CFPB that its director, Richard Cordray, may be booted is intensifying, prompting some of his more vocal supporters to make impassioned public pleas to defend him and preserve the agency he heads. Up on Capitol Hill, Democrats on the House Financial Services Committee urged the new president to “reject the Wall Street agenda” and not remove Cordray from his post. “Any attempts to remove Director Cordray from his position are without historical precedent, and intended solely to distract the director and the bureau from its important work protecting servicemembers, students and other borrowers from financial predation,” the ...

January 16, 2017 - Inside the CFPB

Trump Administration Signals Intention to Sack CFPB’s Cordray

Is this the last week on the job for CFPB Director Richard Cordray? Speculation is suddenly growing fast and furiously that the director’s time is about over, that President-elect Trump will use his signature line from his Apprentice television show, “you’re fired” shortly after he is inaugurated on Jan. 20, 2017. What took this once-peripheral issue abruptly into overdrive are press reports that retired U.S. Congressman Randy Neugebauer, R-TX, met with the president elect at Trump Tower in New York City last week to discuss becoming the new head of the CFPB. Neugebauer, the former chairman of the House Financial Services Committee’s Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit Subcommittee, reportedly has not been offered the job, as of press time, and ...

January 17, 2017 - IMFnews

Short Takes: PE Firm Eyes Three Mortgage Acquisitions / One Lender That’s Definitely Looking… / LOS Vendor Hires New President / Another Court Victory for PHH

Some M&A advisors believe 2017 could be a banner year for mortgage company sales. Then again, that’s what they predicted early last year...

January 17, 2017 - IMFnews

Moody’s Reaches $864 Million Settlement with DOJ and 21 States for Pre-Crisis Ratings

Moody’s settled the MBS/CDO case without admitting wrongdoing…

January 17, 2017 - IMFnews

Cordray Has a Target on His Back. But When Will Trump Pull the Trigger?

It’s no secret that Trump would like to fire Cordray, it’s just a matter of how and when…

January 13, 2017 - Inside Mortgage Trends

NYDFS Gives Ground on Cybersecurity Proposal

The New York Department of Financial Services made some concessions to industry participants by revising proposed cybersecurity standards. Some mortgage-industry officials were happy with the revisions while reiterating concerns about the proposed standards. The NYDFS first proposed cybersecurity standards in September. The proposal was the first of its kind from a state regulator and more prescriptive than guidance from the Federal Financial Institutions Examination ...

January 13, 2017 - Inside MBS & ABS

Basel Capital Requirements’ Impact on Non-Agency MBS Activities Uncertain, According to GAO

Capital requirements regarding bank holdings of non-agency MBS increased significantly after federal regulators implemented Basel III reforms in 2014. And while banks have largely been reluctant to re-enter the market for non-agency MBS issuance, a recent report by the Government Accountability Office suggests that the impact of bank involvement in the non-agency MBS market is unclear. The GAO was asked to explain how capital requirements for a mortgage depend on how the loan is financed and how the requirements have changed since the financial crisis. The report was requested by Sen. Richard Shelby, R-AL, who until recently was the chairman of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs. The GAO noted...

January 13, 2017 - Inside MBS & ABS

FHA’s New Pricing Adjustment Could Boost Ginnie Mae Issuance, Trigger Prepayments on Premium MBS

The 25 basis-point mortgage insurance premium cut announced this week by the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s departing leadership could switch $50 billion of issuance from Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac business to FHA as well as cause premium Ginnie Mae MBS to prepay faster, according to market analysts. Absent any adversarial pricing by private mortgage insurers, a guaranty fee adjustment by the Federal Housing Finance Agency or a reversal by the Trump administration, analysts with Bank of America Merrill Lynch see up to 12 percent of purchase and 2 percent of refis shifting to FHA. On June 9, HUD Secretary Julian Castro announced...

January 13, 2017 - IMFnews

What We’re Hearing: Reading the Wells Fargo (Origination) Tea Leaves / Nonbanks Rule? / MSR Mark-up Mania / CA-Based Nonbank Plans to Hire 1,000 LOs? / The First To Go: Operations Staff / Cordray is Going to be Fired. No Duh

It’s been no secret in Washington financial circles that shortly after Donald Trump was elected president, the decision was made by his “team” to fire CFPB director Richard Cordray...

January 13, 2017 - IMFnews

A Different Type of Mortgage Fraud: ‘Reverse-Occupancy’ Scams Involving FTHBs

Borrowers completing reverse-occupancy fraud aim to qualify for a mortgage with help from the theoretical rental income from the so-called investment property…

January 12, 2017 - IMFnews

Short Takes: HUD Nominee Carson Says he will ‘Review ‘the MIP Cut / Why Banks Avoid the FHA Program / HUD’s Budget: $45 Billion / Investor Cuts Stake in Annaly / CPR&T Downgrades Ocwen

CPR&T predicted that the asset value of Ocwen’s mortgage servicing portfolio likely won’t benefit much from the recent spike in interest rates…

January 12, 2017 - Inside Mortgage Finance

As Trump Administration Prepares to Take Reins, New Lineups on Capitol Hill Begin to Take Shape

With the formal transition of presidential power now a mere week away, Congressional Republicans and Democrats alike were busy this week reordering the teams that will take the field for the 115th Congress. Mortgage lenders are hopeful for at least some degree of regulatory relief from the Republican-controlled Congress and White House, but Democrats are vowing to defend the Dodd-Frank Act, one of the signature achievements of the outgoing Obama administration. Republicans in the House of Representatives got...

January 12, 2017 - Inside Mortgage Finance

With PHH Case Pending, Industry Officials Still Believe CFPB Should Give More RESPA Guidance

Mortgage compliance experts say there’s still a strong need for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to provide more guidance about acceptable business relations under Section 8 of the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act. One of the issues that came to the fore in the bureau’s enforcement action against PHH Mortgage was lenders’ relationships under marketing services agreements. Even though banks these days may be using MSAs to a lesser extent than nonbanks, there is still a need for the CFPB to more clearly delineate do’s and don’ts. “On the lender side of the mortgage industry, there is...

January 12, 2017 - Inside Mortgage Finance

HUD Cuts FHA Mortgage Insurance Premium by 25 bps, Hensarling Slams ‘Parting Gift,’ but Reversal Is Uncertain

Any pushback against the FHA’s 25 basis-point cut in the annual mortgage insurance premium remains to be seen despite grumblings from Capitol Hill, said stakeholders and industry analysts. Earlier this week, the outgoing leadership of the Department of Housing and Urban Development surprised the industry by reducing the annual MIP for 30-year FHA mortgages by 25 bps, and eliminated the higher MIP for loans exceeding $625,500. There are...[Includes one data table]

January 12, 2017 - IMFnews

FHFA to Step Up Pressure on Fannie and Freddie to Manage Nonbank Servicer Risks

The new FHFA IG report is heavily redacted…

January 11, 2017 - IMFnews

Treasury Nominee Mnuchin Owns a Stake in Fannie & Freddie (Indirectly)

According to his financial disclosure form, Mnuchin lists the value of his Advantage stake at $500,001 to $1 million.

January 11, 2017 - IMFnews

Short Takes: To Fire Cordray, or Not to Fire Cordray, That is the Question / Just Run for Governor / Dr. Carson’s Advisors Include… / Quicken’s Gilbert: DOJ is ‘Out of Control’

Cordray, of course, could just nip this in the bud right now, resign and start his run for governor of Ohio…

January 10, 2017 - IMFnews

Short Takes: Gain-on-Sale Let-down? / About Those MSR ‘Marks’... / Ocwen Attorney Joins Philly Law Firm / Go with the ‘Waterfall’ / Vegas-Based Lender Hires Sales Chief

As gain-on-sale margins decline, MSR marks will rise...

January 10, 2017 - IMFnews

Non-QM Originator LendSure Lays Out its Plan for Growth

LendSure is licensed in 12 states, with approvals pending in seven more…

January 10, 2017 - IMFnews

HSBC Hit with $33 Million Fine Over Flawed Foreclosures

As part of the settlement, the OCC lifted certain business restrictions that had been placed on HSBC…

January 9, 2017 - IMFnews

Short Takes: FHA Premium Cut Has Negative Impact on MI Stocks / Carson Should Expect a Lot of Questions on the MIP / Of Mortgages and Brains / FHLBs Get More Flexibility on Collateral

Mortgage insurance stocks aren't have a good day. Blame the FHA MIP cut?

January 9, 2017 - IMFnews

Carson’s Inexperience Could be Front and Center at HUD Confirmation Hearing

One big positive for lenders: the mortgage industry could see a reduction in new rule-making from HUD and perhaps a reversal of certain regulations promulgated during the Obama administration.

January 9, 2017 - IMFnews

HUD Trims FHA MIP by 25 BPs. But Can (and Will) Trump Block It?

Why the change of heart? For most of last year, HUD and FHA officials nixed the idea of cutting the premium…

January 9, 2017 - IMFnews

Tozer on Ginnie Mae MBS Demand: ‘I Wish I Could Make More’ [Securities]

Presently, Japan is the volume leader in Ginnie ownership at roughly $204 billion…

January 6, 2017 - IMFnews

HUD Makes It Official: Annual MIP Will be Cut by 25 BP on Jan. 27

The change – whose likelihood was first reported by Inside Mortgage Finance last Thursday – affects new loans with a closing/disbursement date of Jan. 27, 2017.

January 6, 2017 - Inside FHA/VA Lending

Around the Industry

VA Extends Making Home Affordable Program. The Department of Veterans Affairs has extended the Making Home Affordable program to Oct. 1, 2017. The program was set to expire on Jan. 1, 2017. USDA Approves NewFed Mortgage to originate Section 52 Guaranteed Rural Housing Loans. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has approved NewFed Mortgage Corp., a multi-state residential mortgage lender, to originate USDA loans. Based in Danvers, MA, retailer NewFed offers FHA, VA, USDA, conventional and jumbo mortgage products. Reviews Genworth Financial’s Proposed Sale to Chinese Conglomerate. Fannie Mae has approved Arch Capital’s acquisition of ...

January 6, 2017 - Inside FHA/VA Lending

Michigan Lender Agrees to Pay $48 Million to Resolve FCA Claims

United Shore Financial Services of Troy, MI, has agreed to pay $48 million to resolve allegations of FHA-related fraud, adding to the more than $7 billion in settlements and judgments the Department of Justice has collected since 2009. United Shore, parent company of United Wholesale Mortgage and Shore Mortgage, was accused of improperly originating mortgages and falsely certifying compliance with FHA requirements. Originated between Jan. 1, 2006, and Dec. 31, 2011, the loans eventually turned bad, resulting in significant losses to the FHA insurance fund. The complaint did not specify the number and total amount of the bad loans United Shore originated or the size of FHA’s losses on those loans. United Shore was charged with violation of the False Claims Act, becoming the latest financial institution to join a growing list of FHA lenders that have opted to settle, rather than litigate, ...

January 6, 2017 - Inside FHA/VA Lending

Rumored Nominees for HUD, FHA Jobs Dwindle, VA Sees Longer List

With industry and lawmakers focused on the confirmation hearing next week of President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee to head the Department of Housing and Urban Development, speculation as to who might become Dr. Ben Carson’s top deputy and FHA commissioner has apparently eased. After weeks of speculation, the list for HUD deputy secretary is down to three rumored contenders: Brian Montgomery, former assistant secretary and FHA commissioner; Pam Patenaude, president of the J. Ronald Terwilliger Foundation for Housing America’s Families; and Rick Lazio, a former congressman from New York and a housing finance attorney. Like Montgomery, Patenaude has experience at HUD, serving as assistant deputy secretary for field policy and management. She has extensive experience in housing as an executive vice president at Urban Land Institute and director of housing policy with the ...

January 6, 2017 - Inside FHA/VA Lending

Carson’s Inexperience Front and Center in Confirmation Hearing

The lack of experience in housing and mortgage financing matters could become a sticking point with Dr. Ben Carson, President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for Housing and Urban Development secretary, during his Senate confirmation hearing on Jan. 12, according to stakeholders. “Democrats, in particular, will want to know his credentials and positions on various housing and enforcement issues,” said an industry observer. “There is doubt whether Carson can address such questions positively and specifically. ‘Living for a while in public housing’ is not a qualification to run HUD or oversee FHA for that matter.” However, Trump’s selection of Carson and other conservatives for cabinet positions signals his intent to govern from the right – a complete reversal from the eight years under President Obama. Notwithstanding his lack of housing expertise, Carson is on the path to promote and ...

January 6, 2017 - Inside FHA/VA Lending

Share of FHA Loans with Initially Material Defects Rises in 3Q16

The initial material defect rate for FHA-insured loans targeted for a quarterly post-endorsement review increased to 53 percent in the third quarter from 50 percent in the previous quarter, according to test results. Published in the FHA’s quarterly Lender Insight, the results were from post-endorsement technical reviews conducted between July 1, 2016, and Sept. 30, 2016, on 5,973 FHA loans. The initial material defect rate appears to be trending upward since June 2016, when it had stayed flat at 47 percent over the previous eight quarters. The latest loan sample was comprised of 75 percent purchase loans, 10 percent streamline refinances, 7 percent rate-and-term refis, and 8 percent Home Equity Conversion Mortgage loans. Of the targeted loans, 23 percent met FHA requirements but an equal percentage were found to be “deficient,” while 12 percent were deemed “unacceptable” due to ...

January 6, 2017 - Inside FHA/VA Lending

FHA to Implement Methodology for Finding, Classifying Loan Defects

The FHA this year will focus mainly on the completion and implementation of the Defect Taxonomy to help lenders easily identify and categorize loan defects found in FHA-insured loans. At least that was the plan announced by the outgoing Obama administration. The agency urged lenders to be on the lookout for detailed information about Defect Taxonomy and other process improvements in the coming months. “As we begin to implement these changes and transition from current processes, some lenders may experience a temporary decrease in loans selected for review,” the FHA noted in Lender Insight, which updates lenders on the latest rulemakings and policy changes. Announced in June last year, Defect Taxonomy is part of the Blueprint for Access, which embodies three core concepts: identifying a defect, capturing the sources and causes of a defect, and assessing the ...

January 6, 2017 - Inside FHA/VA Lending

FHA Expected to Announce 25 bps MIP Reduction, Industry Thrilled

Industry stakeholders are anticipating an FHA insurance premium reduction soon from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Sources say a 25-basis-point premium reduction is in the works and HUD Secretary Julian Castro may announce it during his farewell address. His last day in office is Jan. 20, President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration day. A HUD representative declined to comment on the report citing department policy against “commenting on rumors.” A number of lobbyists and consultants said they have heard similar reports but cautioned it is not a done deal. Two industry executives expressed certainty about the veracity of the report. The idea of a premium cut has been raised with neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson, Trump’s nominee for HUD secretary, who will have his Senate confirmation hearing on Jan. 12. A mortgage insurance premium reduction at this time would ...

January 6, 2017 - Inside FHA/VA Lending

Ginnie MBS Program Set New Records in 2016, VA Soared

Ginnie Mae guaranteed a total of $507.46 billion of single-family mortgage-backed securities in 2016, its biggest annual volume ever, according to a new analysis and ranking by Inside FHA/VA Lending. That was up 16.4 percent from the agency’s previous record of $435.80 billion set in 2015. (Those figures include MBS backed by FHA home-equity conversion mortgages, which are not included in the table below or in the rankings on pages 3-5.) In 2016, Ginnie guaranteed $497.03 billion of MBS backed by traditional forward mortgages, also a record, which was up 16.9 percent from the previous year. The biggest factor in last year’s record-setting production was the boom in VA lending, particularly VA refinance loans. Issuers securitized a record $203.03 billion of VA loans last year, up 33.0 percent from the 2015 total. Some 54.3 percent of those loans were refinance transactions. Total VA refi loan ... [4 charts]

January 6, 2017 - IMFnews

What We’re Hearing: What’s Up with Walter Investment? / MSR ‘Mark-up’ Mania / Rates Heading South, a Bit / Layoff Rumors and Actual Layoffs / Bad News for GSE ‘Recap and Release’?

With rates falling again, lenders may be rethinking any planned layoffs...

January 6, 2017 - Inside MBS & ABS

Treasury Officials Favor Explicit Government MBS Guarantee and Credit Access in all Economic Cycles

The only word from the incoming Trump administration about the fate of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is that the prospective Treasury secretary wants to bring them out of conservatorship. The Obama administration, however, commits only to preserving an explicit government guarantee for a “defined class” of MBS. “The explicit government guarantee would be funded by financial institutions and would act as insurance against catastrophic losses,” said the Treasury in a late December blog posting by Jane Dokko, deputy assistant secretary for financial economics, and Sam Valverde, a counselor in the Office of Domestic Finance. However, the authors don’t elaborate on what would shape the defined class. Under the new guarantee, investors would be assured...

January 6, 2017 - IMFnews

ABA Calls for Expanded ‘Qualified Mortgage’ Language, Housing Finance Reform

ABA seeks the restoration of “balance to the regulatory process,” including Consumer Financial Protection Bureau reform…

January 5, 2017 - Inside Mortgage Finance

Regulators Seek to Track Mortgage Process More Closely, Focusing on Time Between Origination and Final Funding

Regulators are working to get a better understanding about the ownership of mortgages, particularly for the span between origination and final funding, according to the Office of Financial Research. “Regulators now collect origination data and loan performance data about much of the home mortgage market,” the OFR said in its recently published 2016 financial stability report. “However, they do not collect data about ownership of a mortgage between origination and final funding. Information on this short phase in the life of a loan is needed for a full picture of risks.” The OFR, an office of the Treasury Department that was established by the Dodd-Frank Act, noted...

January 5, 2017 - IMFnews

A Cut in FHA Premiums Has Been Pitched to HUD Nominee Carson. Will He Bite?

President-elect Donald Trump wants to improve access to credit. A cut in FHA premiums would presumably help...


HUD has announced a 25 basis point cut in FHA premiums, which is slated to take effect in late January. Is your lending shop for or against a cut in FHA premiums?

For. It should help lending volumes.
Against. The private MI sector should take on this risk, not the government.
Too early to say.
I believe the new White House may scuttle the idea so it doesn’t matter.

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