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January 15, 2015 - Inside Mortgage Finance

Lender Buybacks Declined in 3Q14 as GSE Focus Turned to More Recent Production

Buybacks and indemnifications by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac sellers fell sharply during the third quarter of 2014, according to an analysis by Inside Mortgage Trends, an affiliated newsletter. The two government-sponsored enterprises reported a total of just $543.1 million of repurchases and indemnifications of securitized mortgages in disclosures filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. That was down a whopping 68.7 percent from the second quarter and was, by far, the lowest quarterly buyback total since the GSEs started disclosing such activity in early 2012. In fact, Fannie and Freddie withdrew...

January 9, 2015 - Inside FHA Lending

FHA Tweaks Method of Reporting PETRs Results

The FHA has temporarily suspended publication of its Quarterly Loan Review Findings Report, which contains the results of all post-endorsement technical reviews (PETRs) conducted by the FHA during a particular quarter. The suspension will give the FHA sufficient time to “recalibrate how the report is run” as well as improve the report, the agency explained. The report is currently published in Lender Insight, a quarterly publication that contains information from the FHA’s Office of Lender Activities and Program Compliance. Specifically, the report contains charts that divide PETRs findings into five main categories. Each chart lists the top five underwriting errors in each category for each review period. The FHA said it is working to display the results in a more user-friendly, actionable manner. It did not say when the quarterly report will be ...

January 8, 2015 - Inside Mortgage Finance

Lenders Loosen Underwriting Standards a Bit, But Loan Performance Remains a Concern

Mortgage underwriting standards have loosened in recent years, led by the jumbo market and reduced overlays on agency mortgages, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association. However, underwriting standards aren’t nearly as lenient as they were in the early 2000s, prompting some to call for further loosening. The MBA’s Mortgage Credit Availability Index has trended up since the beginning of 2012. “Most of the action in terms of loosening has been on the jumbo side,” said Michael Fratantoni, MBA chief economist, at a talk hosted this week by the Urban Institute’s Housing Finance Policy Center. Separately, he noted...

December 30, 2014 - Inside The GSEs

GSE Repurchase Activity Slowed Sharply in 3Q14

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac reported further declines in repurchase activity during the third quarter of 2014, according to a new Inside The GSEs analysis of disclosure reports filed by the enterprises with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Mortgage seller repurchases and indemnifications totaled just $543.1 million during the third quarter, a decline of 68.7 percent from the previous three-month period. It was the lowest quarterly repurchase volume since ... [Includes one data chart]

December 30, 2014 - Inside Mortgage Trends

GSE Repurchase Activity Still Weighed Down by the Past; More Focus on 2013

The lion’s share of mortgage repurchase activity involving Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac during the third quarter of 2014 continued to involve loans securitized before the two government-sponsored enterprises were put in conservatorship back in 2008, according to a new analysis by Inside Mortgage Trends. At the same time, however, the 2013 book of business is getting a lot more attention at the two GSEs. Although Fannie and Freddie wrapped up their reviews of ... [Includes two data charts]


The FHA is cutting its annual premium by 50 basis points. How much of a difference will this cut make in your FHA business?

Not much at all—maybe 10 percent at best.
Modestly. We expect a 10 percent to 25 percent gain in applications.
This is a real game changer, 25 percent or better.
Hard to say. This cut may just steal business away from the new Fannie/Freddie 97 LTV effort.

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