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April 29, 2016 - Inside MBS & ABS

Taco Bell Offers $2.1 Billion Whole-Business Securitization; $7.5 Billion Projected in 2015

Structured finance investors don’t have much of an appetite for new non-agency MBS, but they appear to be hungry for fast-food business securitizations. Taco Bell is the latest firm to enter the market, offering a $2.10 billion securitization. The planned Taco Bell Funding LLC Series 2016-1 received preliminary BBB ratings from Standard & Poor’s late last week. It’s the second whole-business securitization to price this year, following a $575.0 million deal involving Sonic Drive-In that also priced in April. The Taco Bell securitization is backed...

April 29, 2016 - Inside MBS & ABS

Research From Treasury Suggests Dodd-Frank Act Handling of Credit Rating Issues Far from Perfect

The alternatives to credit ratings mandated by the Dodd-Frank Act aimed to address contributors to the financial crisis have their own challenges, according to a new report from the Treasury Department’s Office of Financial Research. John Soroushian, a research analyst for policy studies at the OFR, noted that before the financial crisis, rating services had an incentive to inflate ratings for MBS, ABS and other investments to expand their business. He said rating services were “key enablers” in the creation of MBS and collateralized-debt obligations. “Without ratings, it would have been...

April 22, 2016 - Inside Nonconforming Markets

Caliber First to Receive ‘Expanded Credit’ Rating

Caliber Home Loans was assessed by Moody’s Investors Service as an originator of “expanded-credit” mortgages last week. Caliber is the first lender to receive a rating from Moody’s for expanded-credit mortgages, which could pave the way for the first rated non-agency mortgage-backed security that includes non-qualified mortgages. The rating service defined Caliber’s expanded-credit mortgages as non-agency mortgages that are not prime jumbo loans. Moody’s said ...

April 22, 2016 - Inside Nonconforming Markets

TRID Issues Persist in Non-Agency Market; New MBS Avoids Liability Altogether

Relatively strong pricing for a jumbo mortgage-backed security issued at the end of March appears to have done little thus far to open the spigot for deals that include loans subject to the TRID mortgage disclosure rule. The $331.95 million Agate Bay Mortgage Trust 2016-2 was issued by Two Harbors Investment at the end of March. The deal included 43 mortgages subject to TRID, many of which had initial compliance exceptions. Analysts at Interactive Data said ...

April 22, 2016 - Inside MBS & ABS

Velocity to Issue Non-Agency MBS Backed by Residential and Commercial Investment Properties

A lender that focuses on investment properties is preparing to issue a non-agency MBS backed by adjustable-rate mortgages on residential and commercial properties. The deal shares some characteristics with non-agency MBS backed by new loans, but it’s different in a lot of ways. The planned $358.60 million Velocity Commercial Capital 2016-1 received provisional AAA ratings this week from Kroll Bond Rating Agency. Residential properties account for 55.3 percent of the collateral, with small commercial properties making up the rest. All of the mortgages backing the planned MBS are for investment properties. Velocity Commercial Capital issued...

April 18, 2016 - Inside the CFPB

GSE Credit-Risk Transfers Face Incremental Losses from TRID

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are not conducting loan-level reviews for compliance with the CFPB’s integrated disclosure, and that threatens investors in the pair’s future credit-risk transfer transactions with the possibility of some modest losses because of lender compliance violations, according to a recent report from Moody’s Investor Service. “We expect overall losses on these transactions owing to TRID violations to be fairly small, despite our expectations that the frequency of violations will be high, at least initially,” analysts at the rating service said. “Furthermore, lender representations and warranties and the government-sponsored enterprises’ ability to remove defective loans from the transactions will likely mitigate some of these losses.” Damages for TRID violations are less significant for a securitization transaction compared ...

April 18, 2016 - Inside the CFPB

Kroll May Not Rate Non-Agency MBS Subject to TRID Rule, For Now

Kroll Bond Rating Agency warned recently that it might refuse to rate certain non-agency mortgage- backed securities subject to the TRID mortgage disclosure rule until the CFPB issues formal guidance. The rating service said it’s currently unclear whether certain corrections of errors under the bureau’s integrated disclosure rule will subject non-agency MBS investors to assignee liability. This is an issue that the Structured Finance Industry Group continues to work on, with SFIG also stressing that formal guidance from the CFPB is necessary. “In instances where these violations go un-corrected by an originator, KBRA believes the risks associated with TRID-eligible loans, in material concentration, become more significant and that KBRA may consider additional credit enhancement, applying a rating cap, or declining ...

April 15, 2016 - Inside MBS & ABS

Rating Services Ready to Rate MBS With TRID Loans Even Without Formal Guidance from CFPB

Two rating services published reports in recent days stressing that non-agency MBS with loans subject to TRID mortgage disclosures can be rated, even when the loans have TRID violations. The reports are part of an industry effort to deal with the rule that combines disclosure requirements of the Truth in Lending Act and the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act that was promulgated by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and took effect in October. Kroll Bond Rating Agency and Morningstar Credit Ratings published separate reports in the past week stating expectations that TRID will have a “limited” impact on non-agency MBS investors. A number of other rating services have made similar statements since TRID took effect, though that has done little to spur issuance. Only one non-agency MBS with TRID loans has been issued...

April 8, 2016 - Inside FHA/VA Lending

GNMA Market Slumped in 1Q16, But Monthly Data Show Rebound

Ginnie Mae issued $93.41 billion of single-family mortgage-backed securities during the first three months of 2016, an 8.6 percent drop from the previous quarter, according to a new Inside FHA/VA Lending analysis of loan-level MBS data, excluding FHA reverse-mortgage activity. Early 2016 was the slowest market in a year for Ginnie MBS production, though it still was stronger than most of the agency’s pre-2015 business. And issuance in the first quarter of 2016 was 17.0 percent ahead of the volume produced during the same period last year. The soft spot in the first quarter was FHA lending, especially purchase-mortgage activity. Issuers delivered $54.44 billion of FHA loans into Ginnie MBS during the period, a 12.1 percent drop from the fourth quarter, including a 15.0 percent decline in FHA purchase mortgages. Securitization of VA loans fell by a ... [4 charts].

April 8, 2016 - Inside Nonconforming Markets

Fitch Adjusts Criteria to Rate Nonprime MBS

Fitch Ratings revised its criteria for rating non-agency mortgage-backed securities backed by non-qualified mortgages last week. The new standards set the stage for Fitch to rate nonprime non-QM MBS. The new non-QM criteria from Fitch include expanded product assumptions for rating nonprime mortgages and loans to self-employed or non-wage-earning borrowers. When determining litigation liability, Fitch said it will make a distinction between non-QMs for “very high ...

April 8, 2016 - Inside Nonconforming Markets

SFIG Plots TRID Compliance; Lenders Take Hits

A single mortgage must meet nearly 150 requirements to achieve compliance with the TRID disclosure rule, according to a framework proposed by members of the Structured Finance Industry Group. Third-party due diligence firms will test loans for most of the TRID requirements, according to a draft of the TRID compliance review scope obtained by Inside Nonconforming Markets. Since the TRID rule took effect in October, due diligence firms have found widespread violations ...

March 25, 2016 - Inside FHA/VA Lending

VA Jumbo Securitization Rises in 2015 Despite 4th Quarter Decline

Ginnie Mae securitization of jumbo mortgage loans with a VA guaranty rose significantly in 2015 despite a volume drop-off in the fourth quarter, according to Inside FHA/VA Lending’s analysis of agency data. Year-over-year results saw an almost 60 percent increase in Ginnie Mae mortgage securitization backed by VA jumbo loans. This was slightly dampened by 17.1 percent drop in VA MBS production in the fourth quarter from the previous quarter. All top-five VA jumbo securitizers – Wells Fargo, Freedom Mortgage Corp., PennyMac Corp., U.S. Bank, and Quicken Loans – reported significant drops quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year. Wells Fargo delivered a total of $5.0 billion in VA jumbo loans into Ginnie pools, making it the leading jumbo securitizer in that segment. This accounted for 17.7 percent of the market. Freedom Mortgage ended the year with $2.1 billion in ... [ Charts ]

March 25, 2016 - Inside Nonconforming Markets

Private Sector Works on Solution for TRID Issues; CFPB Is Watching

Proposed standards drafted by due diligence providers for how to handle TRID mortgage disclosure issues could be finalized as soon as next week, according to the Structured Finance Industry Group. TRID compliance violations uncovered by third-party due diligence firms are seen as a major contributor to the slowdown in non-agency mortgage-backed security issuance since the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s TRID rule took effect in October. And some have suggested ...

March 25, 2016 - Inside MBS & ABS

Payments on a Re-Performing Non-Agency MBS from Credit Suisse Misdirected Due to Reporting, Communication Issues

Payments were improperly allocated among tranches of a $644.12 million non-agency MBS issued in November 2014 for about a year before being addressed, according to the firms that placed ratings on the deal. RPMLT 2014-1 Trust was issued by Credit Suisse’s DLJ Mortgage Capital and backed by re-performing mortgages. The payment problems appear to be tied to improper reporting by Rushmore Loan Management Services, the servicer of the MBS, and Wells Fargo Bank, the securities administrator for the deal. Fitch Ratings said...


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