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November 11, 2016 - Inside The GSEs

Federal Home Loan Bank Earnings and Advances Show YoY Increase

The Federal Home Loan Bank System witnessed an increase in earnings for the third quarter, which rose to $861 million, and a year-to-date total of $2,478 million. The FHLBank Office of Finance noted that the quarterly net income increase was due to higher gains on litigation settlements, derivatives, hedging activities and higher net interest income. Additionally, the increase on year-to-date earnings was due to gains on trading securities, partially offset by losses on derivatives and hedging activities. Total assets for the FHLBanks grew to $1.036 trillion, an 8.7 percent increase from the second quarter. Advances represented $688.6 billion, which was driven mainly by higher member demand by larger members. That number is down slightly from the...

October 28, 2016 - Inside The GSEs

FHLBanks Seek More Definition Exclusions in New Business Activity

Housing Finance Agency’s proposal to loosen regulation of new business activities by the Federal Home Loan Banks generally showed support for the changes but recommended further exclusions from the definition of “new business activities.” The comment period ended on Oct. 24 and the FHLBanks commended the FHFA for its “thoughtful proposal.” Nevertheless, it noted that it would still like to see the agency adopt proposed enhancements to the new business activity regulation. Back in 2013, the FHLBanks wrote the FHFA about their concerns with the burden of existing regulations. The FHLBanks said that the broad scope of the rule requires them to spend a large amount of time and effort determining whether a proposed activity is...


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