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February 17, 2017 - Inside Nonconforming Markets

Nonprime Lenders Gear Up for Rated MBS

Fitch Ratings recently assigned “average” assessments to three originators and aggregators involved in the nonprime mortgage market, the same grades the firm assigned to Caliber Home Loans. Fitch evaluated Angel Oak Home Loans, Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions and Citadel Servicing as originators of nonprime mortgages. And the rating service reviewed Deephaven Mortgage as an aggregator of nonprime mortgages. The assessments by Fitch will help pave the way for ...

February 17, 2017 - Inside Nonconforming Markets

Some Variety in Nonprime MBS from Invictus

The first nonprime mortgage-backed security from an affiliate of Invictus Capital Partners will be stocked with loans that have some unique features. Kroll Bond Rating Agency, Morningstar Credit Ratings and S&P Global Ratings placed preliminary AAA ratings on the deal last week. The planned $145.02 million Verus Securitization Trust 2017-1 differs in a number of ways from the $225.75 million COLT 2016-3 Mortgage Loan Trust, the nonprime MBS from an affiliate of Lone Star Funds ...

February 17, 2017 - Inside MBS & ABS

New Nonprime MBS from Invictus Illustrates How Rating Services Differ on AAA Ratings

Rating services appear to be taking differing approaches to rating nonprime MBS backed by new originations. The first nonprime MBS from an affiliate of Invictus Capital Partners received preliminary AAA ratings from Kroll Bond Rating Agency, Morningstar Credit Ratings and S&P Global Ratings. Those three firms did not rate...

February 3, 2017 - Inside FHA/VA Lending

Around the Industry

Final Civil Action: Primary Residential Mortgage. The Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Office of the Inspector General has recommended that the department’s Office of Legal Counsel acknowledged $3.13 million of a $5 million settlement agreed to by Primary Residential Mortgage is due HUD. Primary agreed last September to a $5 million settlement with the Department of Justice to resolve allegations of failing to comply with FHA requirements in connection with its origination, underwriting and endorsement of 100 FHA-insured loans. Primary’s settlement is neither an admission of guilt nor assumption of any liability that may arise from the flawed transactions, the IG said. As of Oct. 4, 2016, the settlement amount due HUD had been paid in full. Moody’s Downgrades $243 Million of FHA/VA Residential MBS. Moody’s Investors Service has downgraded the ...

February 3, 2017 - Inside Nonconforming Markets

Nonprime MBS Issuance Expected to Increase

There will likely be a notable increase in the issuance of mortgage-backed securities backed by newly originated nonprime mortgages, according to Fitch Ratings. As many as eight firms are looking to join Lone Star Funds in issuing rated deals, though issuance isn’t expected to get anywhere near the levels seen in the run up to the financial crisis. Some $999.5 million in nonprime MBS was issued in 2016, according to the rating service. “Fitch estimates those figures could double in 2017, and ...

January 20, 2017 - Inside Nonconforming Markets

News Briefs

The Department of Justice this week finalized previously announced settlements with Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse regarding non-agency mortgage-backed security activities in the run-up to the financial crisis. The DOJ said the $7.20 billion settlement with Deutsche Bank was the single largest residential MBS resolution for the conduct of a single entity. The settlement with Credit Suisse was for $5.28 billion. Both of the settlements included civil penalties and ... [Includes two briefs]

January 20, 2017 - Inside MBS & ABS

Jefferies’ Warehouse Securitizations Seen as Performing Well, Replenished with Strong Mortgages as Collateral Turns Over

Credit quality for the loans backing unique warehouse-funding securitizations from Jefferies Funding remains strong, according to Moody’s Investors Service. One of the risks was that weaker collateral could be included in the transactions as time passed. The $225.0 million Station Place Securitization Trust 2016-1 received Aaa ratings from Moody’s last February and a $210.0 million 2016-3 transaction issued in May garnered an with Aaa rating. The rating service evaluated the deals recently as the 2016-1 securitization is set to pay down next month. “To date, there has been...

January 20, 2017 - Inside MBS & ABS

Ratings Services Optimistic on RMBS Sector, But Participants See Trump as Wild Card

The residential MBS market is expected to be healthy this year, according to some ratings service analysts. But the new president is the big unknown, market participants say. According to analysts at Fitch Ratings, the rating outlook for U.S. RMBS they rate is auspicious, as they expect asset performance trends to stay positive thanks to support from solid, if somewhat uneven, gains in home prices. “Although a number of legacy transactions continue to face negative rating pressure due to declining loan counts and tail risk, rating upgrades outnumbered...

January 20, 2017 - Inside MBS & ABS

Moody’s Settles Pre-Crisis Rating Charges for $864 Million; SEC Cites Rating Services for More Recent Problems

Moody’s Investors Service agreed to a $863.79 million settlement with the Department of Justice, 21 states and Washington, DC, late last week. The settlement focused on rating activities between 2004 and 2010 involving residential MBS and collateralized debt obligations. According to the settlement, Moody’s used an internal ratings model for most tranches of certain residential MBS that was more lenient than its published guidelines, allowing for lower credit enhancement levels than what the published guidelines required. The internal model was based...


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