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May 29, 2015 - Inside FHA/VA Lending

Court Denies Relator Standing in Whistleblower Suit Against Bank

Whistleblowers that bring a False Claim Act claim against an FHA lender based on previous publicly disclosed information have no standing, according to a recent federal district court ruling. Judge Jack Zouhary of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio dismissed an FCA lawsuit against U.S. Bank because the whistleblower had neither direct nor independent knowledge of the bank’s alleged false claims – two basic requirements for standing in a whistleblower suit. The Advocates for Basic Legal Equality (ABLE), an Ohio-based legal aid group, filed an FCA lawsuit against U.S. Bank for allegedly disregarding and violating FHA regulations. The group accused the bank of filing false claims and collecting payments without evaluating loss mitigation alternatives before foreclosing on properties. According to ABLE, it had consulted with “many people,” whose mortgage loans were ...

May 29, 2015 - Inside Nonconforming Markets

Some Agreement in Congress on Portfolio QMs

A broad regulatory relief bill pushed by Sen. Richard Shelby, R-AL, passed the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs last week on a 12-10 party-line vote. While Democrats oppose portions of the bill, they are seeking changes to standards for qualified mortgages similar to those proposed by Shelby. The Financial Regulatory Improvement Act of 2015 would establish a qualified-mortgage safe harbor for certain loans held in portfolio. The main difference between ...

May 29, 2015 - Inside Nonconforming Markets

Bank Mortgage Operations Holding Up in ATR Era

Since the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s ability-to-repay rule was implemented in January 2014, bank mortgage operations have grown as a whole, according to a new analysis of call-report data by Inside Nonconforming Markets. Retail originations, mortgage banking income and portfolio holdings at banks and thrifts have all increased since the first quarter of 2014, suggesting the ATR rule has done little to crimp mortgage activity by banks. Banks had $93.06 billion in retail originations ...

May 22, 2015 - Inside Mortgage Trends

Banks Report Solid Increase in Mortgage Banking Income in First Quarter 2015

Commercial banks and thrifts earned $3.99 billion from their mortgage-banking operations during the first quarter of 2015, according to a new ranking and analysis by Inside Mortgage Trends. Mortgage-banking income was up 12.7 percent from the previous quarter and 19.0 percent ahead of the pace set in the first three months of 2014. Early 2015 was no record-setter, by any means, but profits were well below the levels reached in the middle of last year. The call-report data do not separate...[Includes one data table]

May 22, 2015 - Inside The GSEs

FHLB Combined Net Income Rose Due to Higher Litigation Gains

The Federal Home Loan Bank system earned $1.015 billion in the first quarter of 2015, according to figures compiled by the system’s Office of Finance, an 82.6 percent increase when compared to the same quarter in 2014. The sharp increase was primarily the result of higher gains on litigation settlements, according to the Office of Finance. Litigation settlements accounted for $480 million in gains for the three months ending on March 31. The OF said the bulk of it was “driven by the FHLBank of San Francisco’s $450 million settlement of certain claims arising from investments in private-label mortgage-backed securities.” Total FHLBank assets for the first three months of the year were down at $879.9 billion, a 3.7 percent decrease from...

May 8, 2015 - Inside Mortgage Trends

Nonbanks Report Group Profit in 1Q15 But Continue to Lag Behind Depositories

A group of eight large nonbank mortgage lenders managed to post positive earnings on their combined mortgage banking activities during the first quarter of 2015, but they failed to keep pace with a group of 24 banks and thrifts tracked by Inside Mortgage Trends. The eight nonbanks – including the top publicly traded firms that rank high in originations, servicing or both – posted a combined $40.5 million in mortgage-banking income during the first quarter ... [Includes one data chart]

May 1, 2015 - Inside Nonconforming Markets

Neg Am Mortgages Concentrated at Two Banks

Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase account for the vast majority of bank holdings of negative amortization mortgages, according to a new ranking and analysis by Inside Nonconforming Markets. Bank exposure to negative amortization mortgages continues to dwindle as originations of such loans largely stopped after the financial crisis. Large chunks of the holdings at Wells and Chase are due to acquisitions of Wachovia and Washington Mutual, respectively ... [Includes one data chart]

April 24, 2015 - Inside Mortgage Trends

Regulators Address Mortgage Capital Issues

Federal regulators issued a document this month clarifying Basel III capital requirements that apply to banks. Among other issues, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., Federal Reserve and Office of the Comptroller of the Currency addressed the treatment of certain loan modifications and FHA loans. The capital rules took effect Jan. 1 for most banks, with a phase-in period for many aspects of the rules. The federal regulators said that when a mortgage isn’t in default and ...


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