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Volume 2014 - Number 29

July 24, 2014

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Non-Mortgage ABS Market Slowed Modestly in 2Q14 But Stayed on Track for Best Year Since 2008 Crash

New issuance of non-mortgage ABS dropped slightly during the second quarter of 2014 from the robust levels recorded in the first quarter of 2014, according to a new analysis and ranking by Inside MBS & ABS. A total of $49.14 billion of non-mortgage ABS were issued during the April-to-June cycle, an 8.0 percent decline from the first quarter of 2014. But new issuance remained...[Includes three data charts]

Strong Investor Demand Seen for BlackRock’s Large Auctions of Vintage Non-Agency MBS

In the past two weeks, BlackRock has completed auctions of vintage non-agency MBS with a total unpaid principal balance of $8.1 billion. While the sales had the potential to push too much supply into the market, investor demand for the securities appears to have been strong. The market absorbed the first auction, for $3.7 billion in mostly subprime MBS from 2006, “without a hiccup,” according to analysts at Barclays Capital. Credit Suisse submitted winning bids on all of the non-agency MBS auctioned by BlackRock in the past two weeks, with most of the securities quickly being placed with other investors, indicating strong demand. Of the $3.7 billion in non-agency MBS auctioned last week, 96 percent of the balance was placed...

Two-Plus Years Have Passed and Fannie Still Isn’t Doing Much Business with BofA; As for Jumbo MBS…

More than two years have passed since Bank of America parted ways with Fannie Mae on selling new purchase-money loans to the government-sponsored enterprise and no remedy seems in sight regarding a resolution to the matter. “There’s no change that I’m aware of related to the Fannie Mae situation,” said a spokesman for the bank. “We’re able to handle our loan origination business just fine with Freddie Mac.” According to figures compiled by Inside MBS & ABS, BofA did sell...

Freddie’s H-Pools Backed By Modified Mortgages Seen as Good Investment to Avoid Prepayment Risk

MBS from Freddie Mac backed by modified mortgages offer investors protection from prepayment risk in an environment in which interest rates are expected to climb, according to analysts at Barclays Capital. The analysts said Freddie’s H-pools are particularly attractive, as the loans in the deals have been restructured under the Home Affordable Modification Program. Slightly more than $1.0 billion in H-pools have been issued, with the most recent activity in October. Barclays noted that Freddie could significantly increase its issuance of H-pools as the government-sponsored enterprise has accumulated a substantial amount of modified mortgages in its retained portfolio in recent years. Freddie had...

As Subprime Auto Lending Heats Up, Losses Are Trending Higher on Securitizations, Ratings Stable

Subprime auto lending is just about back to the levels seen before the financial crisis, with increased ABS issuance volumes, somewhat higher credit losses and more credit enhancement to offset declining ABS credit quality, according to new research from Standard & Poor’s Rating Services. While newer subprime auto ABS have more credit risk, ratings are expected to remain stable. During an S&P webinar this week, Amy Martin, a senior director at the rating service, pointed out...

Fannie Prices Fourth, Largest Credit Risk-Share Transaction, More to Come

Fannie Mae late last week priced its third credit risk-sharing deal of 2014. The $2.05 billion note is the government-sponsored enterprise’s fourth and largest transaction under its Connecticut Avenue Securities series since the Federal Housing Finance Agency ordered both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to shrink the GSEs’ role in the U.S. housing market last year. In its latest offering – Series 2014-C03 – Fannie included reference loans with original loan-to-value ratios of up to 97 percent and “is consistent with prior transactions.” Previous C-deal offerings included reference loans with up to 80 percent LTV ratios. “We’ve continued...

RMBS Liquidations Are Up for First Time in Two Years Due Partly to Growing Bank REO Properties

The conditional default rate, or annualized liquidations, of non-agency MBS loans rose 20 basis points to 4.92 percent in the second quarter, after declining for seven consecutive quarters from 9.76 percent in the second quarter of 2012, Fitch Ratings reported this week. “The recent turnaround in the trend can be partly attributed to a growing portion of bank-held real estate owned properties, which typically liquidate much faster than those that are still in the foreclosure process,” said Fitch. The rate of completed foreclosures to REO property has trended higher for four consecutive quarters. The previous decline in the CDR was driven...

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